Why The Most Trustworthy Brands Always Choose Emblem Logo as Their brand Identity: A Dive into Brief Introduction

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A logo can be used to tell the story of your company. The emblem, one of the first types of a logo, is one of the greatest ways to achieve that.

Emblems have a lengthy history and are among the earliest types of brand marks. It has been used for a variety of purposes, including tax collection and designating royal official correspondence and this is the reason, emblem is one of the most popular logo designs.

The insignia has stood the test of time and continues to demonstrate the reliability, respect, and authority of an organisation.

The emblem logo design stands out because, despite not being exclusively for the ultra-elite, it exudes an air of exclusivity.

Brief Intro: The Emblem Logo

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Like combination marks, emblem logos include the idea of a combination mark within a frame or border. Usually symbolic, the imagery utilised blends naturally with the content. Consider a crest, seal, or emblem. Given that emblems are frequently connected to established brands, it is understandable why they could suggest prestige and authority.

Who Uses Emblem Logos?

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Businesses utilise emblem logo designs to convey a vintage feel and appear respectable and well-established. This kind of logo is a great choice for contemporary organisations who wish to depict guarantee, reliability, custom, and heritage. You can see prestige brand, you can find this type of logo on their website their custom stationery and even on banner design in the UK.

As an illustration, consider the Warner Brothers logo. With a shield with a ribbon on a blue backdrop and bright golden abbreviations, the major cinema corporation’s classic, time-tested design has stood the test of time for nearly 100 years. As soon as audiences see the Warner Bros. logo, they respect the movies the company has made. According to Statista, Warner Bros. saw a gain in domestic box office income of about 936 million dollars in 2022 from 663 million dollars, or an increase of more than 40% annually.

Here Are Examples of Some of the Most Famous Bands Who Use Emblem Logo

  1. Manchester United
  2. Liverpool Football Club
  3. Harvard
  4. Ferrari
  5. Porsche
  6. Starbucks

Symbols and Emblems: What’s The Major Difference?

The two expressions have a number of key differences despite the fact that they are commonly used interchangeably.

  • An object, idea, or relationship can be concretely represented by a glyph or character known as a symbol.
  • A more abstract representation is an emblem, which can be of a single person, a group of people, or an idea. To demonstrate connection, insignia are frequently sewed onto clothes or worn as badges.

In order to convey a message, symbols are typically integrated into emblem logo designs.

Emblem logo design: A Simple Guide to Follow

There is no getting past the reality that the success of your company depends critically on the quality of your logo. It provides potential clients with an instant understanding of who you are and what you have to offer. Particularly emblem logos are excellent at instantly communicating a very distinctive message about your brand.

Here are some pointers from the top UK logo design companies to get you began if you’re prepared to bring your emblem logo to life;

  1. Go For The Right Shape

What holds it all together is essentially the shape that you put in your emblem logo design. Because of this, the container is equally as crucial as the actual design.

  • Emblems with a circle shape are traditional. Today’s designs are influenced by the circular wax seal stamps that were once often used, and many emblem logos still have this shape. In a similar vein, you might use an oval shape.


  • Crest-shaped logos are reminiscent of the heraldic era, when family names were proudly inscribed across elaborate shields. The crest, probably more than any other shape, communicates a long history.


  • Squares and rectangles are also good choices because they imply steadiness, effectiveness, and professionalism. But you might equally easily use your imagination and try an odd shape, like the triangle.


  1. Don’t Use Slogan


Less is more when it comes to including words or slogans into emblem logos. Within the container walls, room is scarce. When the design is reduced in size, those tiny frills like “year established” that are included on so many logos frequently vanish. If can affect your marketing strategy.

  1. Choose Your Colors Carefully

Bold, dramatic colours might draw more attention, yet you hardly ever see them employed in emblem logos. The timeless sophistication of this logo style is better suited by a subdued colour palette with muted or neutral tones. Fewer hues reduce the risk of information overload because emblem logos are more detailed than others.

  1. Keep Your Audience In Mind

Even if you create the most exquisite emblem logo in the world, it won’t stand out if it doesn’t fit with your brand or appeal to your target audience. Despite the fact that you undoubtedly have exquisite taste, you’re designing for others rather than yourself.

Remove yourself entirely from the design and concentrate on the characteristics of the customers your organisation wants to attract.

Even better, go one step further and get ideas from your rivals by observing what is effective for them. Are there any hues that recur frequently? What are some common font selections? What top logo design companies are utilizing the logo? These questions help you to attain better results.

Go For an Emblem Logo, But When?

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Emblem logos are a great option for contemporary organisations who wish to pay homage to time-honored customs with a dash of fun. This kind of logo appeals to consumers’ love of nostalgia while also conveying assurance, tradition, and prestige.

Choose Emblem Logo If:

  • You want to establish a historical connection between your business and sector.
  • Think about police badges to communicate the idea of a long-standing, reputable authority.
  • Think about police badges to communicate the idea of a long-standing, reputable authority.
  • You want to give your customers a sense of belonging to a certain group of people who share their interests.

Don’t Choose Emblem Logo If:

  • You want to give off a really contemporary, futuristic sense.
  • Emblem logos are some of the most conventional sorts of logos, so they don’t accurately represent modern or high-tech businesses.


In contrast to a logo, an emblem is a frequently used business graphic that expresses a more nuanced meaning or statement. A company can generate a sense of tradition and nostalgia via emblems. These logos are excellent for expressing individual ideals because of their conventional forms and symbols.

So, when you’re ready to create a logo, start by considering the history of your company and all the essential principles you want to reflect in the artwork. This will enable you to include the values and feelings that your audience will relate to into your design. If you don’t know where to begin, contact us at LogoDesignsCompany for some excellent logo designing and custom stationery in the UK.

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