The Ultimate Guide to Developing an Instant Delivery Mobile Application

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Purchasing groceries used to be a time-consuming and tiresome task! You might not find all you need if you visit your neighbourhood store. Every day, week, or month, visit supermarkets, locate and select the items, wait in line to pay, and transport them home! Thanks to the mobile app development company in UK for bringing such apps in the market that deliver groceries online have revolutionised how people shop for food. According to a research, 41% of consumers are willing to pay today for same-day delivery services. In addition, 24% of online shoppers are willing to pay more for two-hour delivery. These stats prove the need for instant delivery apps.

Quick commerce (Q-commerce) is being offered by businesses that promise immediate supermarket delivery in 10 minutes or less.

Why Is 10-Minute Instant Grocery Delivery App Needed?

Businesses are emphasising on speedy transactions because consumers’ attitudes and buying behaviours have changed from value-seeking to convenience-seeking, leading to smaller, more frequent purchases rather than larger, more frequent ones. Due to its frequent use, high consumption, and user demand, which primarily targets middle- and upper-class customers, businesses have concluded that Q-Commerce is the way forward in the FMCG market.

Why Would You Want To Create An App For Instant Delivery?

mobile app development

  1. Increased Need for Fast Delivery
  2. Possibility of Entering New Markets
  3. Increased Customer Retention
  4. Enhanced Productivity

How to Build a Quick and Successful Delivery Mobile Application


It’s not difficult to create a mobile app, but you need the necessary tools and knowledge. Even if you are busy and need assistance from some professional, then you need to hire a mobile app development company. Anyways, you can create a 10-minute grocery delivery app that is just as good as “Uber Eats” with the help of the following simple steps.

  1. Research and Planning

  • You must first decide on a market for your app. What kinds of goods or services are you hoping to provide? What requirements does this market have that are not being satisfied by the current companies? What do competing companies in this industry do well? While you start to develop your own mobile app, the kind of logo you are going to use in this study will be essential. The company logo is the front face of your mobile app. Therefore, hire the best logo design company for your company logo design.
  • The correct partner is essential because developing an on-demand delivery software is a time- and money-consuming procedure. Finding the best partner to assist you with app development would be ideal. They should be able to give you a competitive price and have experience creating apps that are similar to yours.


  1. Select The Appropriate Platform


Choosing the appropriate platform is the first and most crucial step. You can create either a hybrid app or a native app. It’s critical to consider which option would be ideal for your company because each offers advantages and downsides of its own. Apps that are native to one platform, like iOS or Android, are often created.


  1. Details List

Once you have chosen the business model you will employ, you must think about the features the app should offer. To make your app stand out from the crowd, one of the greatest methods to achieve this is to investigate your competitors, enhance their current capabilities, and add some special features not found in other delivery apps.


  1. Design Phase

Since it will be one of the first things that potential customers see, the design of your app is crucial. You must make sure the design is polished and simple to use. This entails creating an app with a simple, user-friendly layout and instructions that are clear and to the point. Choose the layout, font, and colour scheme for your app’s overall look and feel. The best course of action would be to think about engaging a group of designers with expertise in developing mobile app designs or simple hire a web design company in UK.


  1. Establish a Prototype

Making a prototype is the next stage after getting the design right. You can see how the app will appear and feel from this. Additionally, it will enable you to try out the features you intend to add to the app. By doing this, you’ll be able to gauge the app’s viability and gather feedback from potential consumers.


  1. Developing Stage

developing stage of mobile app

Starting development is the next stage after creating a prototype. You must code the app at this point to make sure it functions properly. Here is a brief description of how software is developed:

  • App Architecture

The app architecture is a structural diagram of how the components of your online grocery app will be put together and how they will work together to satisfy user or business needs. The application architecture helps to discover functional gaps and guarantees that programmes are scalable and reliable.

  • Create the Front-End

The front-end, sometimes referred to as the “client side,” of the app is where the coders translate the vision and design concept into the buttons, links, and animations that users see and interact with. Apart from Dart in Flutter, React, Python, etc., this is primarily done with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Develop the Back-End

The 10-minute grocery app’s back-end would need to be constructed to handle server-side operations including data storage, security, site performance, and other server-side activities.


  1. Testing

To ensure there are no problems or faults, the software must undergo extensive testing before being released. This is crucial since it will enable you to fix any issues or kinks that the app may have. Use a simulator or test it on a real device to accomplish this.


  1. Start the App

You must release your app on the App Store and Google Play Store once it has been tested and is ready to use. People can download and use your app from this location.


  1. Market Your App

To raise awareness, you must market your app. To encourage people to use your app, you’ll need to develop a solid marketing plan. Campaigns in marketing and public relations, social media, paid advertisements, etc., can accomplish this.


  1. Examine Data

Following the launch of your app, it’s critical to monitor user behaviour and conversion rates. Over time, this will enable you to enhance your software.

Finally, you must keep supporting and updating your app. This entails making sure that flaws are routinely addressed, and new features are incorporated. You can timely change the features of your app even logo design, all depends on your market research.


Building a mobile app for instant delivery purposes is an excellent approach to entering the expanding q-commerce business. You have a dependable, scalable, and user-friendly custom app produced with Logo Design Company as we are a highly professional web design and mobile app Development Company in UK. To begin, get in touch with LogoDesignsCompany.

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