9 Most Stimulating Trends of Graphic Design For 2023

trends of graphic designing

The 2023 graphic design trend has come with new experiments in creativity and aesthetic revivals. But when we compare it to previous years, what makes it different from 2023?

Where design comes with innovative and creative minds, trends can emerge from the historical environment of their period. These recent years’ people are getting better from the pandemic, and trends go for colorful expression and comfortable nostalgia.

In 2023, most positivity exists but has been stressed due to increased inflation worldwide. Designers react to these situations in multiple ways.  Most people are excited and curious about the future as technology encourages them to get into the unexplored.

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1. Mysticism


In the design context, mysticism includes iconography that you can compare to divination and astrology. The trends highly depend on symbolism like signs of the zodiac, lotus flowers, all-seeing eyes, and geometry sacred. As time passes, these symbols act like a talisman, instilling the celestial and natural world with magical and deeper meaning.

From a fixed point of view of purely visual, these contain a natural gentleness. Mysticism is built with organic curves and thin lines that sense delicate and light. When color is subdued over muted tones, it becomes calming. Mysticism contains the imagery of stars, moons and meditative faces, encourages inspiring faces, an escape from worldly concerns that provide comfort and hope.

All these great features contribute to the trend’s widespread call because they demonstrate that you don’t need faith in tarot cards to enjoy the calmness of mystic designs.


2. Riso Print Reimagined

Risograph is a technique used in the mid-80s created by the Japanese firm Riso Kagaku. It makes it easier for inexpensive printing in bulk by using desaturated colors and dots where images with grainy and dual exposure styles appear unintentionally.

In 2023, risograph printing can be used for abstract and digital designs. The minimalist shapes get noise and depth from their grainy textures. This has appealed to multiple designers to produce abstract surreal valleys with some vintage flair. When displaying real characters, simplified features, and exaggerated caricatures mix with risograph colors and textures and convert the familiar into the unfamiliar. And at the end, this trend blurs the distinction between natural shapes and mechanical procedures.


3. Punk Revival

punk style

In the 1920s, the Dada movement served as the foundation for the rebellious counterculture known as punk. It was born on the border of society, where it still exists. Therefore, it has continued the same since then. However, as the general population finds several reasons to complain about failed systems, 2023 is seeing a resurrection of its mass appeal. The growing wealth gap has not only grown more evident with the arrival of a recession, but the impending death of the UK queen in 2022 has also sparked increased anger toward the monarchy and its colonial history.

DIY techniques such as cutouts, scribbled lettering, unmatched fonts, and chaotic collages aesthetically feature the trend of punk. Opulence and decorum are universally rejected in punk design. Audiences find comfort in the truthfulness that it is not afraid to be messy as life is messy. In addition, these disorganized compositions have a vibrant visual energy; in fact, the graffiti spray and jagged edges practically make you hear the frustration outcry.


4. Retro Line Art

In 2023, many designers will use simple line drawings to produce amusing and enjoyable images. The retro line art design reminds the loving experience of doodling with felt-tip markers.

The trend is a natural fit for more humorous projects because the line art’s simplicity encourages a cartoonish aesthetic (such as rubber hose limbs and thick edges). Additionally, as these drawings are so simple, they can manage highly vivid colors, and watchers don’t feel overwhelmed. Many designers combine these graphics with antique bubble typefaces and design elements resembling classic magazine advertisements, such as oval borders and starburst stickers, to heighten the retro feel.

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5. Airbrush Surrealism


Surrealism has become a popular design strategy because of its novelty and continuously imaginative weirdness. However, in 2023, surrealism is unexpectedly combined with airbrushing techniques from the 1980s as soft retro filters are applied to bizarre, chimeric artwork or imagery.

This results in a translucent look that overcomes the usual sense of disorientation surrealism causes, covering the graphic in a consistent haze. It seems of a picture from a dream that we unclearly remember. In other circumstances, color blurring produces a gentle glow that gives the scene a warm, uplifting feeling. Airbrush surrealism encourages openness as if to indicate that the strange has suddenly become commonplace.


6. Folk botanical

Patterns are an essential component of graphic design, frequently used as backdrops or frames for content. And since mixes of leaves, fruits, and vines produce compositions as vibrant as a forest, nature is a frequent inspiration for patterns. In 2023, natural patterns become slightly less elegant due to messy textures, shaky doodling, and odd colors.

This trend re-explains the well-known nature themes in strange, playful illustrations. It also rejects the extreme geometrical accuracy often carried out by vector art tools. However, the shaky human hand-made imperfections and the plants’ vibrant colors contribute to the patterns’ vitality. As a result, digital artworks are made to feel more organismic.


7. 90s Space Psychedelia

Through escapism, 60s psychedelia returned to graphic design last year, appealing to visitors into crowded, vibrant realms. In 2023, the trend of 90s space psychedelia carries the energy to infinity and afar.

While psychedelia frequently pulls its inspiration from nature (imagine the melting mushrooms and multicolored clouds in many such compositions), space psychedelia focuses on merging the past and the present. Retro 90s elements include Saturday morning cartoon aesthetics, Memphis Design patterns, and colors reminding of Lisa Frank’s school supplies. It incorporates futuristic features like vaporwave, neon cyberpunk, spaceships, landscapes, and androids. These vivid, creative renderings show how optimistically the 2023 designers are looking toward the technological future.


8. Mixed Dimension

When we spend more time online than in real-world settings, the distinction between the two can become less clear. In 2023, graphic designers erased that barrier by combining digital graphics with actual photographs.

While merging the fake with the real may sound gloomy, this trend is far more concerned with fun and whimsy. Vibrant color splashes and happy cartoons highlight the contrast between the various elements.

Additionally, it portrays the world as we would like it to be—a place of wonder and discovery. When life can feel depressing, the creative force of art can provide solace and remind us that we can create beauty if we set our minds to it.


9. Acid Graphics

graphic designing

An acid graphic often known as Y2K grunge (Cyber Fairy Grunge) is the second phase of the Y2K resurgence, which started last year. Its current trend includes Grimy textures, shattered grids, and chrome metallic and amorphous shapes. Given that it originated in the late 1990s goth subculture, it is a unique form of nostalgia that values darkness over pleasant memories.


The acid graphics trend blends in with nearby influences like anti-design and brutalism. It is highly dark and frequently incorporates computer errors, cluttered lettering, and disorganized layers. Because movements of acid graphics display the internet’s darker side, they are most effective on websites, social media posts, and album covers. It is a style that wonders if digital art can eventually be more focused on computers than the eye of a human.



We hope you learn a lot about the graphic design trends for 2023, which is a fascinating period in the growth of art. Graphic design is closely linked to the general public’s psyche since it serves as a tool for mass communication. Every trend offers the public a creative outlet for their issues.

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