Print And Ship Success: The Ultimate Guide To Delivering Design Products To Customers

Print And Ship Success The Ultimate Guide To Delivering Design Products To Customers--01

When printing and shipping it on retail, apparel, and paper products, it can be challenging to consider working with multiple vendors to bring your artwork to life. However, new business models for reselling, such as print-on-demand and dropshipping, have made easy for you the majority of responsibility for production, packaging, shipment, and even inventory storage.

Knowing your options makes it easier to advance your designs by printing and distributing them globally.

In this blog Logo Magicians, the top packaging and labelling, website development, and logo design company in UK, will explain how reseller programs operate. So that you can comprehend these new printing techniques and choose the optimal strategy for your company’s needs.

Whether you are a designer attempting to sell your original artwork or a business seeking to add a branded merchandise store page to your corporate website, several options are available to help you get started on your project.

Explore The Process of the Reseller Printing And Shipping

Explore The Process Of The Reseller Printing And Shipping 01

With the assistance of reseller programs, designers and creatives can go above and beyond for their clients by including printing and shipping as part of their service, thereby becoming a one-stop shop for custom-designed items.

As well, you can start an internet shop to market your creations to a more extensive customers. Custom artwork, posters, apparel, greeting cards, journals, mugs, and tote bags are some products that incorporate design.

Order fulfilment models include reseller services such as print-on-demand, drop shipping, and white labelling. Essentially, you only need to be anxious about selling the products; the reseller service will manage production and delivery. When you need to print and ship a single item for one of your customers, reseller programs can be helpful in one-time situations.

The following section will explain how these reseller companies and services operate.

The Diverse Choices To Print And Ship Design Products

As a chief packaging and labelling firm, we will compare and contrast the most popular methods for printing and shipping design items, considering cost, amount of work, and experience level. The following decisions are not necessarily either/or; you can combine strategies to discover the optimal solution.

DIY Packaging And Shipping

DIY is the standard method of producing products that involve packaging and transport. The creation of the physical product will necessitate the assistance of external manufacturers and printers, who will ship you the final product.

To guarantee that clients receive their orders on time, you will likely need to stock products in advance that are prepared to ship at an instant’s notice.

  • Investment: It can be more expensive to manufacture each order as it is received than to purchase inventory in quantity. However, you will be required to make a much more significant initial investment, and there are no guarantees that their products will sell. You must also locate a location to store your merchandise.
  • Effort: Besides coordinating with the printer or manufacturer, you must also package and transport the products.
  • Customer experience: Since you have complete control over the process, there is a greater likelihood of delivering an exceptional customer experience. You can assure quality, create unique packages, and add special touches to every order.

Dropshipping / White Label Products

Dropshipping White Label Products-01

The design, production, warehousing, and shipping of the goods are all handled by a separate business under the general business strategy known as drop shipping. Dropshipping is commonly associated with e-commerce businesses, especially regarding the resale of non-customisable, non-unique products such as jewellery, fitness equipment, and cosmetics.

Dropshipping with a white label allows the merchant to resale pre-made, generic products. Still, it adds its own labelling instead of a blank one.

  • Investment: Since consumers pay for printing and shipping each time they purchase a product, you incur no upfront costs. Compared to the do-it-yourself production method, costs may be higher because each item is printed only when ordered (instead of printing in quantity). However, some companies offer discounts to customers who purchase premium services (via a paid membership).
  • Effort: Retailers must typically place distinct orders for the customers’ products when multiple orders are fulfilled. Besides, they will be responsible for handling returns and lost items.
  • Customer experience: Whether dropshipping or using your brand name, you have little influence over the quality of the products. Some dropshipping businesses may provide blind shipment (in which the goods are shipped in unbranded packaging) as a packing choice.

Print-On-Demand / POD Marketplace

Print-On-Demand POD Marketplace-01-01

Print-on-demand (POD) is the dropshipping method used to print and dispatch orders whenever a purchase is made when retailers add graphics to blank products.

Print-on-demand products can be sold directly on your website or through a POD marketplace operated by a third party, such as Zazzle, Redbubble, or Amazon. Even though you will need to start from the beginning when opening your online business, you will have more of an impact on the company’s branding.

A POD marketplace, particularly one with substantial traffic, will provide you with instant access to a large number of clients. However, you will be competing on a crowded website. Despite this, you hardly ever have pleasure in branding.

  • Investment: POD orders submitted individually are more expensive than bulk orders. However, the associated risk and expenditure are reduced because a sizable order must be placed in advance.
  • Effort: Both dropshipping and POD are supported by e-commerce websites. The website will handle every aspect of POD marketplaces, including order fulfilment, returns, and lost shipments.
  • Customer experience: You will have limited influence over the quality of the supplies, packaging, and shipping. Some POD services offer blind shipping and branding opportunities for packaging (such as notes and sticker inserts). POD marketplaces lack customisation and branding options.

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Comparison of the Printing And Shipping Services

As it has become simpler to create design elements, the number of businesses offering one-stop printing and delivery has risen. We have compiled this concise list of printing and shipping services to assist you in evaluating your options. Here are some general considerations to keep in mind when conducting research:

  • Quality: High-quality printing, packaging, and materials (including the paper used for printed artwork) are required. Before making a purchase, read consumer reviews and request a sample.
  • Customisation level: Determine whether your brand can be added to products or packaging. If so, to what extent (is it possible to design the entire T-shirt, or is it limited to the chest area)?
  • Products offered: Does the provider offer an extensive selection of products? Investigate printing companies specialising in the type of products you intend to sell, as they may produce higher-quality results.
  • Printing methods: Various companies provide printing services, including screen printing, engraving, digital printing, direct-to-garment printing, and all-over printing.
  • Customer service: Inquire about the company’s return and shipment damage policies.
  • Shipping: Check the vendor’s availability of blind or white-label shipping, as well as the cost, usual delivery time, and international shipping alternatives.

ProAdvantage by Vistaprint

ProAdvantage by Vistaprint-01

With the support of the wholesale print reseller ProAdvantage by Vistaprint, you can sell your products and fulfil orders via anonymous shipping. ProAdvantage allows for the online personalisation of products, while Vistaprint handles production and shipping. Vistaprint also connects non-artist business owners with LDC or the logo design company. In this global creative marketplace, they can discover original designs from professional designers worldwide.

  • Ideal for Retailers in search of considerable markdowns and frequently individualised products.
  • Integration possibilities: One can create a Wix website using Vistaprint. Contact a global network of designers and artists to acquire artwork through LDC.


Printify is a print-on-demand company that offers clients a variety of manufacturers and shippers to choose from. While this requires more work, and there is a chance that the quality, features, and price will vary, it gives the designer greater control over the sources of the items and the delivery methods. This is advantageous for both locating shipping partners closer to the customer and unique printing requirements.

  • Ideal for: Distributors desiring greater control over their product manufacturers.
  • Integration possibilities: Connects to prominent e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, including Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Squarespace



Due to Zazzle’s print-on-demand marketplace, you can sell your products directly through their website. Due to its “millions” of products, Zazzle faces substantial competition despite its popularity. Zazzle LIVE allows customers to interact with their preferred designers to purchase personalised goods.

  • Ideal for: Product designers who want to generate sales without relying on their websites and marketing.
  • Integration possibilities: Zazzle is a convenient one-stop destination for purchasing merchandise.

Amazon Merch On Demand

Amazon Merch on Demand was predominantly designed to interact with the Amazon marketplace. Amazon is one of the world’s largest markets, so it is essential to consider it. Merch on Demand offers a limited selection of products, and before you can begin retailing, you must first receive approval.

  • Ideal for: Vendors who desire to communicate directly with Amazon’s vast customer base.
  • Integration Possibilities: This solution is designed to only integrate with Amazon products.


SPOD is comparable to most other POD providers in that it offers an extensive library of more than 50,000 pre-made designs for purchase. It also provides a discount on test samples for merchants who wish to guarantee print and material quality.

  • Ideal for: Non-designers who need access to an extensive collection of stock images for product promotion. To augment existing products, designers may require stock images.
  • Integration Possibilities: Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and eBay are among the available integration options.

Set Up Printing And Shipping For Your Creative Products Now

Starting a design business is now easier than ever. A template site builder can construct a website in hours, and reseller services can print and ship your products.

Like every instrument, success depends on quality and use. Research website developers, print resellers, and marketable commodities to find the best company strategy. If you have fair expectations and the will to follow through, you may transform your ideas into reality and make a living from home.

Our digital marketing UK agency provides top-notch services to grow businesses. Our professional website developers and package designers can turn your idea into reality through custom website development while offering professional packaging and labelling to boost product appeal. Let us help you achieve your objective.

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