How Much Uniqueness Should Your Logo Have?


Imagine this: you are rambling on the street, and you hear someone calling your name like we can say your name is Chris.

You turn and look. But you are not the only one who looks back; besides you, people with the same name turn themselves.

Your name is a unique identifier, but unique won’t be universal; it has variations.

Continuing the examples, someone calls you Chris Albert William, your full name. Now, they are well aware of who they are interacting with.

Thus, a unique logo design is a lot like a name. Businesses design them to be their unique identifiers. However, the logo needs an extra finishing layer to fulfil its purpose.

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This blog will explain how to derive your logo’s uniqueness and the benefits and drawbacks of a unique logo.

What makes a logo a Unique?

Similar to the full-name example above, a 100% unique logo design requires more than a single detail that makes it stand out.

Taking an example, current trends influence logo design trends. Trends vary between industries, and logos follow those trends in their particular industries.

When you design a logo from these trendy elements, you won’t give the level of uniqueness so that it can stand out from others.

But when you infuse current trends with your novelty in the logo, the result will come with a unique logo design that lustres in the sooq and will fit the example of a person with a unique full name.

Therefore, when watching the logo design of your brands, you need to find out the value of not only following trends but being careful not to overapply those trends in a logo or be trend-wary besides being trend-aware.

Whenever you are on a project for a unique logo design for your brand, don’t rush to pay a huge amount to the graphic designer. Just because everyone else is paying to design the logo for their brand at a significant amount doesn’t mean you would do the same.

In a rush to design a unique logo, assuming that paying high cash cannot deliver the unique logo design, this decision will definitely not improve the unique elements of your logo.

It’s of utmost importance to consider what elements can bring uniqueness to your logo by conducting an in-depth analysis of your brand purpose and vision and then decide.

It doesn’t mean that you overlook current market trends, but relying too much on them is not a smart decision. Trends can provide valuable insights into your minimalistic logo design, but adding elements that resonate with your brand charters and what elements can be used to describe your brand history, values, mission, and vision is a matter of first noting and then design a logo.


Possible Glitches Of Hyper-Unique Logos



In pursuit of a unique logo design, throwing a wrench or trying to be too different can be a hindrance.

You need to appeal to the audience with a unique logo design. Here, “appeals” means the logo must be readable, relatable, understandable, besides aesthetically pleasing, and inviting.

You can go too far in enlightening the uniqueness factor in your custom logo design and come up with something that is 100% unique but strange and off-putting, making it difficult to invite the audience.

Just like you have in most of the movies or shows or music or art, they sometimes try to create something so unique and edgy that instead appealing to the audience, it distracts them.

So, the moment you get into the threshold of being too edgy or “strange or “off-putting”, you are now entering the stage where the logo won’t perform the primary actions.

At the moment, this threshold is not easy to explain. If your audience is very unusual, your logo might need to be pretty different before it becomes problematic for your brand.

The advice to evade the hyper-unique quality in a professional logo design is to get feedback from your target audience and the audience from the market segmentation you won’t aim at. Get their review of your good logo design, like how appealing or off-putting the logo design is, and also ask what they consider this design to be highly unique.


Pros Of A Unique Logo Design



A great logo design is unique, so as per design experts, a certain level of uniqueness in a logo is essential with no doubt.

Glimpse some of the basic pros of having a unique logo design.

A unique logo design appears as a shiny diamond in a market fuelled by rivalry, so your logo must have a unique aesthetic that won’t mingle in the crowds but rather appears isolated.

A brand can tell its story with a great, unique logo. Logos are visual messengers that explain to viewers what they can anticipate from the brand. An intangible visual means builds a strong brand status and creates faith in clients.

A brand can promote memorability in a unique logo design, a noticeable one. When your logo has an appearance just like everyone else in the market, your logo lack the memorable factor, and your audience won’t keep in mind your logo. However, launching a unique logo allows you to embrace the memorability factor, as people will remember your logo and build an emotional link with you.

You can portray style and personality with a unique logo design. Telling your audience how it came to life is a thing that people want to know, but more important than that they wants to know is how the logo relates to your brand character, and with a unique logo design, you can display it.

These things are now a must for owners, entrepreneurs, logo designers, and other team members involved in making the brand nostalgic. They play a great part in making a brand workable and successful.


How can you put a unique factor into your logo design?



So, how can you satisfy yourself that the logo you have built follows the guidelines of uniqueness? You can follow certain steps to craft a unique logo design.

1. Always keep a sharp eye on the ongoing trends in the market, whether you want to infuse those trends in your creative logo design or evade them; awareness is a must, as it can help you generate unique ideas.


2. Always take inspiration from your rivals. Explore what logo type they used; it will help you decide what logo type you can work on. This way, you can avoid any unintentional copy of a rival’s logo that appears the same and come up with a unique design. Also, you can get inspiration from the sites Dribble and Behance.


3. Come up with a sold brand personality. Here, you need to do in-depth research on the target audience, including their backgrounds, cultures, preferences, etc. What issues do they have, and how are you tackling them and giving them the solution through your product or services? What are your brand values, mission, and vision? Then, you can design a logo imagining all these factors.


4. When designing a logo, brainstorm every possible idea that comes to mind and convert these into sketch form, no matter how bad the ideas are. Sometimes, these ideas seem inadequate when imagining, but when you transfer them onto paper, they appear appealing compared to other ideas.


5. Make multiple versions of the selected logo using graphic design software, you will explore the numerous features that can help you refine your top logo design.  It will be convenient to make multiple versions but ensure the logo gives the same vibes of the selected logo. You can provide specific contrasts to the colours or size of the logo. This way, it won’t lose the resemblance of the selective logo.


6. Take feedback from all the people before you make the logo public. You can take input from everyone you meet, like your spouse, children, siblings, parents, neighbours, and significant others. Learn from this feedback and analyse which feedback is worthwhile that explains the logic behind your logo mistake and makes changes according to it.



Overall, the level of uniqueness in your best logo design depends on your efforts of creative minds.

Following this advice, you can create a 100% unique, simple, memorable, and everlasting logo.

During your unique logo design project, you will make mistakes and get stuck. You need to get away from these and craft a logo that defines your brand personality and attracts the audience.

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