Animated Logos: Purpose, Placement, and Implementation


With changing customer demands, businesses of all sizes and industries are working to adjust their offerings according to their needs. They are not only working to improve the product or service development process but also bringing innovations and creativity to the marketing and branding efforts.

Talking about branding, the first thing that comes to mind is the logo. Businesses are modifying their logos to a new level to get the client’s impression. They are now using “animated logo design” as a new tactic.

A logo with motion is an excellent asset to your visual brand identity and helps attract clients much faster.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss animated logos, why you use them, where to use them, and how to make them, as most businesses still rely on static logo design.

Moving towards the animation in your logo is smart in bringing more buyers to the client service table.

Also, in this regard, animated logo design services play a great role.

Let’s start!


What is an animated logo?



An animated logo is a logo with motions, graphics, or animations infused in it. The animated logo can spin, bounce, fold, warp, transform, and more.

A powerful logo with animations can be the core of your brand identity. Use animation to display your company characters and improve your marketing and branding actions.

Therefore, an animated logo call is rising, and static logos are becoming absolute because the age of static graphic design is no longer recognised.

With the arrival of new tech, businesses are transforming their traditional ways of doing things into digital platforms. In the world of graphic design, the situation is the same. Branding experts and marketers should benefit from this tech and develop new creativity in their branding and marketing, and animation can play a significant part in it.

The level of animation in a logo can be simple to complex, so graphic designers must decide which sort of animation they want to infuse into their logo based on their business goals and the personality they want to display to viewers.

When it comes to building an animated logo, certain tools, such as Blender, Maya, Animaker, Adobe After Effects, and Cinema 4D, can help.

For best results, it is a decent way to assign a graphic design agency or animated company to build the most creative animated logo per the business needs, as compared to making animations on their own. Talented graphic designers know how to use these tools and come up with a unique, creative, and gorgeous animated logo.

Imagine your logo is moving, and what impression viewers have on it—they will mesmerised.

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What does your brand require, such as an animated logo?



Since the moment logo animation trends became standard, most SMEs and startups have been connecting with graphics designers who have expertise in tools for making the best animated logos.

But what is the reason these logos are getting fame? Leys explores the list of advantages.


A unique Image

You have seen many logos and feel there are similarities between some of them. They don’t have intentions to do that; it just happens as they force multiple elements into a logo, which leads to some similarity by coincidence.

So, if you want to bring uniqueness to a logo, you can add motion in a logo. This way, you can come up with a 100% unique logo.

An animated logo allows creativity to run wild and grasp people’s attention. When the motion graphics are combined with multiple visual effects, a new form of the logo appears called an “Animated logo.”


Better Brand Awareness

According to experts, static images are not easily remembered due to static or no movement. People prefer movements that allow their brains to keep things in mind for a long time. When your brand has a powerful animated logo, you can connect with your clients for a long time. According to research, animation lasting up to one second enhances the potential of memorising, but with a static image, viewers won’t remember things for a long time.


Pleasant initial impression

The impression is everything. If there is no impression, there is no chance that your viewers will try to look at it again. You need to make an impression, and animated logs can do that very well.

Your logo is the first representation of your brand, and you want to craft it so that at the very first moment viewers see it, it grasps their attention. Here comes the animated logo. With this, you can charm your audience. A first impression is always the last impression.


Evoke Emotions

Humans are emotional creatures, and you can take advantage of their nature. People want to see things that make them emotional, and in the business world, you can attract your clients using these emotional tactics by building a powerful animated logo.

Remember, animated logo design services are a helpful tool in making that happen. Always remember that creating an animated logo is not a DIY job; you need to hire a logo design agency for it. Contact a UK Logo Design Company to craft a logo that moves, speaks, and connects.

When a logo can bring sentiments to the viewers, there is a considerable likelihood that they will remember you forever.


Better Storytelling

Storytelling with a static logo seems challenging, and if so, it won’t deliver the story of the brand like an animated logo can.

Animation can provide an in-depth description of your brand values, goals, vision, and the nature of the brand. Your animated logo will perform as a short, unique narrative that conveys to an audience.

Animation videos tell the story creatively, allowing the audience to stick with the short video till its end, and when infused with a logo, viewers will recognise your brand endlessly.


Brand professionalism

Clients are the real experts when it comes to what is trending because they are the ones who make it trendy. The business then needs to adjust its offering and, marketing and branding efforts per the wishes.

Many famous brands have changed their logos and marketing tactics to meet changing trends and clients’ demands. This is why these brands still stand in this rival market, and that is why they released an animated version of their static logos. Clients now appreciate them not because of their static images but because of their animated logos.

With the animated logo, they maintain creativity along with professionalism in the logos.

If you want to maintain creativity and professionalism in your logo, get the best logo design services in the UK. The result you will get will be remarkable and stunning.


Where can you utilise an animated logo?



GIFS, reels, or video content are applied in multiple places and under multiple conditions for multiple purposes.

Social Networks

Today, businesses use social networks as the most feasible platform to market or promote their products/services. The world’s population spends many hours surfing the internet, searching for their desired things to buy, getting information about something, or navigating. The biggest social networks are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Your business can use its animated logos in videos for marketing purposes. You can show your animated logo when starting a video so that the audience gets a good impression right away. This will also improve your marketing or branding efforts.


Company Website or app

Websites contain static images, but the trend has been changing. Brands are making many efforts to deliver a better user experience and design websites that show video content. So, you can use an animated logo in those video banner ads.

Also, you need to build landing pages for your website. You can also include your animated logo design in those digital marketing pages.

Also, if you have an app for your brand, you can add animated logos to your app. For example, the first thing a client sees is the dynamic logo whenever a client opens the app.


Video street billboard banner

A large digital display screen fixed on a street billboard, such as those found in the main area of New York. It’s a dynamic marketing where brand-new products or services are displayed in video form.

If you use this strategy for your marketing, you can use your animated logo there when you promote your products or services.


How do you make an animated logo?



There are three basic approaches to making the animated logo per the company’s budget and needs


1. Look at your static logo: Imagine how you can give it movement. Which elements, such as fonts, colours, shapes, spaces, composition, and alignment, need motion?


2. Storyboarding: Now that we have identified which elements need animations, plan out a sequence. Which needs to move first, and how long does it need to move? Always remember the speed of the motion.


3. Pick the right software: There is a range of software available in the market, ranging from user-friendly to complex, which requires expertise to understand how they work. A better approach is to hire a graphic design agency to get the best-animated logo design services in the UK.


4. Animate:  Now, you need to pick the software. You can use features to manipulate textures, shapes, colours, and other visual elements to make transitions and movement as planned in a storyboarding stage.


5. Refine: Once you’ve completed everything, tweak, polish, and refine your animated logo, analyzing it with a keen eye and attention to detail.


6. Download and test: You can download the video file or GIF after you are done with all these. Testing it on multiple screens ensures different ratios and resolutions to confirm the logo is compatible with all platforms.



An animated logo design is a powerful technique to enhance your brand’s visual identity. A static logo isn’t enough in today’s changing topography of innovation.

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