What Kind of Role Promotional Items Play In Marketing

promotional items

A promotional item is a branded item with a company logo, slogan, or motto used in marketing, sales, and advertising.

In addition, promotional items are typically distributed by businesses to audiences, employees, and customers at trade shows and giveaways. Companies utilise promo items in the UK, to increase brand recognition, increase interest in their products and services, and in general widen their clientele.
Overall, the promotional products market is a potent one that helps numerous businesses build their brands and connect with their target markets. Discover the significance of promotional products and the four reasons they are effective by reading on.

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4 Reasons Why Promotional Materials Are Important

Promotional Materials

We’ve already touched on some of the reasons why promotional items are important to businesses around the world. Overall, promotional items are an efficient promotional tool for businesses to showcase themselves and grow.

This section details four reasons why promotional items are important to your business. Let’s start with the primary argument for why branding your firm on giveaways like tote bags, mouse pads, personalised face masks, etc. can be really beneficial for your enterprise.

  1. Boost Brand Recognition


First and foremost, freebies and other promotional goods assist small businesses in attracting new clients.

Businesses can boost the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and draw in new clients by using giveaways and thoughtfully crafted goodie boxes. In light of this, one of the most notable findings from the 2019 Ad Impressions survey done by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) revealed that most recipients of promotional items received by people generally remember advertisers, showed that there is more specifically, 85% of global consumers remember being gifted products by advertisers, with apparel and wearables being the most memorable types of swag.

Considering how difficult it is to get your brand remembered when you’re not actively involved, this is pretty impressive. This figure demonstrates how effective promotional products are when used in digital marketing plans intended to increase exposure and broaden a company’s target market.

Simply put, think of your branded merchandise as a marketing tool that you can use to make sure people know about your product.

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Let’s move on to the next reason.

  1. Connect With Employees

employee connection

The second reason we really believe in the power of promotional items is that they can promote employee bonding and increase brand loyalty.

There is no doubt that promotional items increase credibility in your company and make it easier for your employees to invest in quality promotional gifts and build a relationship with a company that makes them feel valued by thoughtful and useful gifts.  The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) reports that 57% of U.S. employees stay with companies that offer branded products to employees and those that don’t.

Find out the employee retention rate of the company offering the giveaway by job level.

According to the 2018 PPAI Consumer Survey, employees are more likely to work and stay with a company if they feel a connection to it. In retrospect, this proves how efficient and important promotional items are for companies to reach out to their employees and make them feel valued.

We can therefore see that there are a wide range of opportunities for businesses that express their gratitude and love in a very real and tangible way through their branded goods.

  1. Improving Brand Exposure through Repeated Brand Marketing

Promotional items strengthen brand exposure by repeating brand marketing. This means that when you offer your audience an item that conveys your message, they are interacting with your business even if you are not actively speaking.

According to the 2020 Promotional Impressions Survey, promotional outerwear can be stored for nearly a year and a half.

In other words, your company logo design is part of your brand and will accompany someone for a long time.

Think of it like this; Meet someone at a conference and give him a memento of the conference, a business card, or a personalized coffee mug. When the meeting is over, the person will carry a piece of your brand with them when they go home.

That means there’s a new product that reminds you of your company long after the meeting is over.

Unless you’re a remote company, 2019 and 2020 probably required adapting the way you and your team work. If you’re one of the great companies that created work-from-home kits for your employees, and provided desk accessories and more, you’ve likely provided items that remind you of the company’s commitment to unity.

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  1. Keep Your Audience Engaged and Loyal

The fourth reason why promotional products are important – and can be highly beneficial for your business – is because they can help you keep your audience engaged and loyal. The explanation for this is straightforward and directly related to our prior discussion about interacting with your employees and building brand recognition. Promotional products can work as powerful marketing tools that can basically help you create a long-lasting customer relationship and a positive brand experience.

Additionally, they allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level and basically show that you care about your customer through creating a seamless customer lifecycle. When you stop using any tactics that don’t provide your audience with value and offer them what they need instead, while showing that you really care about them and value their love and support to your business, you’ll have a loyal customer base that’ll keep on supporting you, giving your brand referrals, and many other great benefits. That concludes our discussion of why promotional items are important.


Now you know all about what promotional products are and the main reasons why they are so important to your business. In this blog, we’ve explained the key points about promotional items and also provided a list of 10 very popular promotional items that you can customize right away.

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