Lamborghini logo design revives after eras


Have you heard something on the internet? I am not discussing any new developments, political news, a new move launch, or crime cases, I am talking about a car, “Lamborghini,” that has renovated its logo, which implies a new mission: “Driving humans beyond.”

I hope many of you are luxury enthusiasts and definitely notice something in Lamborghini. After twenty years, they came up with a new logo.

If you look at its previous design, you will see a 3D effect with complex designs.

Let’s take a look at what new changes a company executes in its new logo design and the logic behind it.

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Now, let’s start the journey!


 What causes Lamborghini to revamp its logo?



A new strategy that Lamborghini has implemented in its logo design is to promote sustainability and DE carbonization in its manufacturing vehicles. Now, the Lamborghini Company wishes to create a uniqueness that shows social responsibility concerns in the luxury car market.

The company claims: –

“We are focusing on a very sustainable environment. Vehicles are the ones that build the most carbon and affect the environment. We are luxury car manufacturers. We aim to serve those cars that are not only internally powerful and externally gorgeous but sustainable and, when run, don’t affect the environment. That is why we focus on building cars that discourage carbonization. So we first start with its visual appearance, which is the logo.”

The new Lamborghini logo is a refreshment and a new brand transformation action.

The Lamborghini Company has said that the new emblem reflects “being brave, authentic and unexpected.

A “Revuelto” name is given to a new Lamborghini brand mark version. The mixture of modern and classic looks and characteristics shows confidence, power, and strength.

What are the changes in the Lamborghini logo?

The new typeface has a very minor alteration. The latest “What has changed in the Lamborghini typography ” is slightly broader than the prior ones. This, in turn, causes a brand name to appear more expansive. As per the company logo design team, the new font evokes the sharpness of its opulent vehicles.

The company claims: – “As compared to its predecessor, the new emblem has a broader typeface, and by its minimal hues, the logo appears bold. Lamborghini further said: – A new strategy forces the logo design revamping that encompasses adaptation of the visual appearance of the Lamborghini brand for the reflection superior to “authentic,” “brave,” and unexpected values of its mission.



There is a big change in the Lamborghini logo colors. Looking at the colors of its previous logo versions, the Lamborghini logo has yellow and gold as its primary colors. The new logo’s primary colors are black and white, while golden and yellow colors are not secondary. If we focus more, you can assume that the new log of dark and light takes up the vintage era and even before that of 1961 and 1970.


The shield has fallen for social media channels

The new Lamborghini logo design excludes the iconic shield from digital platforms such as apps, websites, and social media channels.

The reason behind this is to give a logo a minimalistic look that echoes the strategy of making the brand look modern and sleek. Still, the shield will always appear in the car logo.

A raging bull in a logo is not far from the Shield I new logo. The company claims, “The iconic bull in the middle of the logo has taken a major revision.” Now, for most initial moments, it will stand alone the logo on every digital platform it will occur on, isolated from remarkable shield so that it has a wider touch and importance.”


The Lamborghini emblem evolution

Like all major brands, the Lamborghini logo has its own story of logo changes over the past year since its inception. So here, you will explore its story regarding logo changes and business growth over time.


Triangular logo  



Between 1950 and 1963, this luxury car manufacturer started its journey. Before that, Ferruccio Lamborghini, a car designer, built the firm for tractor manufacturing. In these 50 moments, the logo design has three rings with the letters (F, L, and C). All these letters indicate the car designer “Ferruccio Lamborghini Cento.” From 1953 to 1963, the letters in the logo were part of a brand.


Shield logo 



The current shield in the company logo reflects when the company was making its mark in the luxury car market. As business improved, the company decided to update its logo.

Thus, in 1963, Lamborghini created a new logo with a shield. Inside the shield is an iconic raging bull. The shield is red, and the brand name is below it.


Golden-yellow palette logo



After a decade, Lamborghini decided to build a new logo or redesign its logo in 1974, which lasted until 1998.

The new logo uses a golden tallow palette, which came to life during this time (1972-1974).

In 1974, the color scheme was moved to black and white, and the raging bull exists above the word “Lamborghini.”

In 1988, the logo appeared modish and classy. The crest background has more details in the design, making the bull’s muscles highly noticeable. The shields are very glossy, with a gold and black color palette. The bull color was also golden. The logo was part of the brand logo until 2023 when a new redesign appeared.

These are the key characteristics that a new Lamborghini logo has infused in its new logo, although these are easily prominent.

You can learn from their redesigning strategy.

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Summing up

Lamborghini is a luxurious brand and has been the most influential car manufacturing company in recent decades. The new changes in its logo are unnoticeable but highly delicate design.  Rather than yellow and golden, the emblem now has a dark and light or black and white color scheme, which is part of the company’s rebranding strategy.

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