10 Profit-Boosting Upsells That Our Clients Can Ask For Exquisite Results


Offering to upsell services is a lucrative opportunity for logo designers. By upselling additional services like website development, business card creation, social media graphics, and signage, logo design service providers can cater to the diverse needs of businesses seeking professional company logo design.

As a top logo designer in the UK, we stand out in the logo design market by offering comprehensive solutions, including stationery design and other branding elements like web design services.

Here we will go through the 10 easy upsells a client can opt for from The Logo Designs Company to make their brand more visible:

1. Logo Variation

Logo customisation is an easy but valuable add-on service. Once the client accepts the final company logo design, it may need a few changes to look right in different situations.

Even though a brand shouldn’t need to be changed to work in any situation, there are times when even the best ones do. Variations are a great way to make a little more money on every job, whether the customer wants an icon version of a more prominent logo or just a grayscale or Pantone version made by logo design service firm.

Designers may have different ideas about how much to charge for non-standard file types. Still, it is usually okay to include a small number of standard files (.jpg, .eps, and .ng) as part of the logo design package and to offer specific file formats as an upsell that can be priced individually.

The value of these file types that require needlework or specialised printing is enough to make clients pay for them. Ultimately, the price and file formats should be based on how much value the client got from the job and how specific the requirements are.

2. Usage and Style Guide


A style or usage guide is a great upsell to the logo project. Customers who need to learn more about branding and big companies with many employees who will use the name will benefit the most from this.

Putting together a detailed style guide is a lot of work. Still, it will make it easier to sell this upgrade to more prominent clients who need their branding to be consistent across teams and departments. Even just a few pages can be used to explain how to use colours, styles, space, and other things. Company logo design services provider can charge customers 50% more than the winning bid for this.

Remember that the style guide’s value makes it easier to roll out a new corporate logo across an entire company, which can be difficult.

3. Sub-logos

Creating sub-logos is another way to get more out of the projects, similar to the logo variations discussed above.

Sub-logos are different versions of the primary logo that have been changed to better fit the customer’s wants. As an upsell, we could offer a version of the logo with only icons or look for other ways to show corporate divisions in the design.

For example, a university might have many different schools, and each might want its logo. This is often the case in towns and other public places.

4. Print Design Materials

Print design collateral is a good way for business logo artists to make more money. This group includes making business cards, logos, letterheads, and other promotional things.

Company logo design services providers can charge more if they know a lot about print design, or they can work with other independent contractors to offer complete print design services. Freelance job boards can be a great place to find skilled people to add to the team and help the business grow. We use the available skill pool and examine how print design can bring in more money.

5. Social Images


Its general knowledge that social media has changed how logos are made and evaluated. It’s hard to find a business that doesn’t use social media. The logo design service provider must put the new logo on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

If they create logos, they could charge extra to upload the new logos to their social media accounts and make sure they look great. Logo design service providers could hire someone to help them do this and then split the money they make with them as we do.

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6.    Regular Or Ongoing Work

Freelancers and artists like to have steady, repeating work because it keeps them financially stable and their minds healthy. But making designs doesn’t usually lead to recurring income because clients only need them once. Logo design service firms have to think outside the box to earn regular income working for the business.

Services that regular customers may need include making business cards and designing T-shirts. Becoming the go-to expert for these everyday needs is an ideal way to begin making money as a middleman. If a Logo design services provider goes this way, it can offer more than just logo design and still make a steady income.

7. Extra Permissions


Intellectual property (copyright, etc.) is a possible bottomless pit; the work logo design service provider do for a client is ultimate to keep, no matter which country logo design firm exists.

Even if they pay a logo design service provider for the time, they will always own the rights to the original work.

Depending on how the contract between the logo design service provider and the customer is written, selling them extra (complete) copyright might be a good idea.

This list needs more room for a full explanation of this approach. Still, as a first step, logo design service providers can learn more about “work for hire” contract clauses and how they affect who owns creative works. After that, decide which extra rights they want to keep for the self and/or offer to the customer as an upsell.

8.    Swag and Added Merchandise

Along with print materials, logo artists can offer upsells like swag, merchandise, uniforms, and other tangible goods. Besides managing the production and distribution of the end product, this may involve creating specific file formats for embroiderers or screen printers.

By working with merchandise companies, logo artists can find cheap items, have their logos printed, and ship them directly to customers. This gives clients and logo designers an easy-to-use option and lets logo designers make more money without dealing with an inventory.

9. Submitting To Sites For Updates

Updating the customer’s new image on all relevant platforms, such as social media and websites, is essential. We can update your logo across key platforms like Chamber of Commerce sites, Yelp, Google Local listings, blogs, and other featured locations.

We don’t make the customer go through the trouble of finding and making these changes themselves. Instead, we offer to do it for them. This extra service can be a good offer that people are willing to pay more for.

10. Full branding packages


The logo design business could do very well by giving a complete branding package. We follow these 7 steps to provide the customers with an entirely new brand.

  1. Introspection: Do some soul-searching and consider the brand’s personality, values, and goals.
  2. Market Research: Do as much study as we can on the potential customers and competitors.
  3. We Choose What Marks Us Unique: Choose the area by determining what differentiates us from competitors.
  4. We List & Restyle Touchpoints of The Brand: Make a complete list of how people interact with the brand, and then keep their styles up to date.
  5. Ensure one and all are On Board: Ensure the team and other vital partners share and understand the brand’s goal.
  6. Proceeds The New Brand Public: Launch the rebranded identity across various channels and platforms.
  7. Get Feedback: Reach out to the target market and ask for feedback and ideas on improving the business.

Suppose logo design service providers know the difference between branding and logo design. In that case, they might escape revision hell and criticism that doesn’t help. We make more money and look more professional as we offer the clients full-service branding options.

To Wrap Up

Ultimately, upselling is a great way to make more money for a company logo design firm. Offer branding packages that include logo iterations, style guides, sub-logos, print design materials, social media image updates, retainer services, extra rights, merchandise development, website logo changes, and more.

So don’t wait; revitalise your brand with our exceptional company logo design services in the UK. We specialise in crafting captivating business logos and website design services that represent your unique identity. Reach us now.

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