How do you make animated graphics for social media posts?


Well! Are you new to the graphics design industry and juggling how to make the best animation graphics to post on your startup social media post or how to make a post that makes a nice impression on your very first project, as per clients’ needs?

Social media marketing is a hyper-competitive platform, and to make a splash on it, you need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. This is not an easy task.

Also, people are now no longer prefer static images only; they want reels that excite them or you can video content. With the arrival of TikTok, things have changed a bit more; that is why viewers are more focused on video content rather than static images—a massive shift in digital marketing.

This blog provides guidance to help you create superlative animation graphics for your social media posts or earn a 5-star rating from your first client.


The Upsurge of Animated Graphics in Social Media

Here is a glimmering pop rising: the fame of animation graphics in social media, unlocking a new entrance to recognition.

Animated social media graphics in a video can be GIFs, 5-minute short videos, or 10 to 20-second reels. You can use platforms such as Instagram for reels, Facebook for full-length videos, and TikTok for 1-minute short video clips.

Making an animated graphic social media video can be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

One thing more, making an animation in a video doesn’t mean you have to learn “After Effects in depth—a challenging task to do, and most of the time, professional animators use it.

Many easy-to-learn tools, such as Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, and Cartoon Animator, for user-friendly interfaces and premade templates and assets, and websites like Envato Elements, VideoHive, and Motion Array exist in the digital market as graphic designers.

Thus, what makes animated graphics in social media blue-chip, and as a graphics designer, how can you dig into its trends to build your own?


What Makes Animated Graphics in social media marketing so impressive?



A question roaming in your brain: “Why do animations and graphics make social media marketing so powerful? Well, we were delighted to answer his question. Here are some major factors that clear up your mind.

Attention-holding and attention-grabbing: – Let’s take a situation. You are on the lunch break, using a smartphone, and you open Instagram, TikTok, or any other similar platform; you are just scrolling. During that time, all you see are static images, but in a moment, you see movement in images like GIFs, a reel, or a short clip. On the spot, you stop scrolling and look at what it is.

So what is likely to stop from scrolling static images or a dynamic animation? No doubt! The animated post takes an edge. It is human nature to be attracted to movements, and when that movement is creative, we are more inclined towards it, which has been the case for a long time.

Now, imagine something like when your content moves; viewers spend more time than expected. It’s not only about getting attention; it is about converting those graphics designs into life via animations—integrating a spark that static images can’t even think of.

Boosting conversation rates and engagement with the audience: – The purpose of doing social media marketing lies in a single goal, which is to enhance conversation rates and audience engagement. You can persuade the audience to take certain actions such as “claim offer,” Get yours,” Shop here,” and “subscribe us” via clicking a link. In this case, animations take the edge over static images. When you integrate a CTA into video content, besides grasping viewers’ attention, you motivate your active users to click and boost interaction with them.

Easing complicated ideas: – It has been proven that animation videos convert challenging concepts into easy scenarios. Challenging means viewers won’t take an interest. However, animations grasp the viewers’ attention, and when their interest rises, it will automatically help them understand the complex subject right away—they take an interest because of animation. Social media animated videos are made in short reels like the videos are broken down into more consumable pieces, which helps understand the concept over time.


What must you remember during the creation of animated social media graphics?

What must you remember during the creation of animated social media graphics?


When you are in the development of social media animated graphics, consider the following things: –

Proper use of texts: – Fonts or typography hold importance in animations, but they can sometimes be undervalued. The message in the animations glimmers with appealing titles and texts, which bring dynamic movements, enhancing the influence. Always apply concise and enthralling texts that improve the visuals. Infuse captions to allow viewers to read and understand the stuff easily, particularly on smaller screens.

Integrate your brand colours: – A powerful branding strategy relies on consistency. You have a fixed colour scheme that you use in your logos, marketing materials, and packaging. You can integrate these into your social media graphic design animations to enhance brand appreciation. Viewers can, on the spot, recognisa that this post belongs to your brand. Thus, whenever building any social media animation, apply the same colour you use in your branding and marketing efforts.

Infuse a sound or voiceover effect: – An animated graphic depends on a professional and well-scripted voiceover. This is most important for explainer content or storytelling. Social media markers and designers can add a unique touch to the animations and better convert the message. By doing this, viewers aren’t even attracted to the scene graphics but can hear and feel the moments. Besides voice-over, clever usage of music and sound effects can make a video more influential.

Keep it concise: Be careful with the length of the animation video. The more concise the animation, the better it will perform on social media. Users prefer scrolling more than being there for longer than 5-6 seconds. Just have a point-by-point discussion of the content.

Applicable for multiple platforms: –

  • TikTok is known for its short-form video content, which includes vertical videos that are engaging and easy to consume.
  • Instagram shows various formats for sharing content, but it’s most known for its square and vertical formats.
  • Snapchat is known for its temporary nature, with content disappearing after a set period.
  • Facebook supports horizontal and vertical videos with a focus on longer-form content.

Different social media have different specifications. Thus adjusts your animations to fit the format and style of all platforms, allowing you to build a flexible and adjustable video for all screens and platforms.


Building Your Animated Graphics for social media: What are the options?

So, you own a startup and want to do social media marketing with animations. You are wondering what to do. Here are the options according to your resources, skills, and requirements.


DIY approach 

If you are new to graphic design and want to build an animated post on your own, then first go for a newbie-friendly software such as Canva, Adobe Spark, Animaker, Crello, and GIPHY’s GIF Maker. These are the best software for those who are entering the sphere of learning animations. This software has auto animation and an intuitive interface to immediately build the most professional animation graphics.

These tools are great because you can personalisa templates for your animation videos, graphic designs, and animated logo designs.

You can experiment and learn animations and graphic design from this software without feeling stunned.


Go for a freelancer or agency



Another option is to outsource your social media marketing post with animation to freelancers.

On the other hand, outsourcing is a more affordable option.

Getting in touch with a creative agency is the best you can do.

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Social Media Animations Graphics Case Studies of 2024

Now, take a look at the two most powerful brand cases as an inspiration: –

Dove: – Dove’s #DoveSelfEsteemProject leverages visual storytelling through animations. With this post, it garnered 89.1 million views on TikTok and thousands of likes on Instagram. Collaborating with social media creators further enhances their impactful social media campaigns.

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola’s #CreateRealMagic challenge, powered by a custom platform from OpenAI and Bain & Company, invited digital artists to co-create with brand assets. Over 120,000 pieces of original artwork were shown on Coke’s digital billboards and licenced merchandising. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to innovation in marketing.

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