10 Best Graphic Design Examples of 2024


Graphics are the most popular term in this digital age. After all, almost all websites, apps, and marketing materials contain graphics.

When walking, you see graphics on a billboard; when driving, you see graphics on a road sign; and when you wear something filled with graphics, you open an app and see graphics. When you watch a cartoon or a movie, you see high-resolution graphics. We often see street art, murals, or painted utility boxes.

This is the era of graphics design.

In marketing, graphics design is a giant tech sector that focuses on UX, builds great brand personalities, uses simple, complex concepts, and can be a good approach to marketing your business.

So, let’s enter the blog, where you will explore one of the finest instances of graphic design of 2024.

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A 2024 Overview of Graphic Design Technology



This year, many changes occurred regarding digitalisation, one of which is graphics design. New tools for designers, illustrators, and professionals support the creation of great designs for clients’ projects.

Now, there is no more traditional approach; all these newbies, professionals, and designers are in a hurry to create designs that are unimaginable to make, creative, and original. And these tools do that for sure. The future of graphics design looks 100% promising.

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Learning the Influence of Graphic Design in Tech

Graphic designs retain a huge value in the tech world. Here, you can be convinced that graphics make a great impression in money-making.

  • UX betterment: – Graphics, either simple or complex, enhance user experience at a very high level due to their great visuals, such as icons, labels, text, and widgets. These allow users to communicate with computer systems via a Graphic user interface (GUI).


  • Establish brand identity: – A unique visual logo and a style, fonts, and colour schemes applied in marketing such as advertisements, banners, and social media graphics help make a great impression among users for your brand, product, or service promotion.


  • Simplifies complex ideas: – Either via animation, like whiteboard animation or any other animatic, graphic designcan influence the audience. You can convert complexity into simplicity for a product demonstration or to convey ideas.


•Differentiation factor: – Graphics  designed well that no one ever imagined can be a USP (Unique selling proposition) for a client that no one can ever imitate.


AI’s Progression in Graphic Design for the Tech Industry



AI or artificial intelligence is disrupting the monopoly of traditional work.

AI gives you ideas regarding your graphic design project. An example is Sora, an upcoming new AI expansion that can make under 10-second videos of any type you want via a prompt.

Designers and graphic gurus can seek help developing new ideas, which results in less time and low cost for a graphic design project.

So, What Creates the Best Graphic Design in Tech?

Graphic design revolves around, first of all, your human creativity, which is beyond AI imagination. Graphic design-obsessed people know well what to build using their artistic thoughts and efforts.

Consider graphic design symmetry, balance, flow, repetition, pattern, golden ratio, layouts, typography, and audience culture.

Keep sure to focus on these with user psychology in mind.


10 best Tech Graphic design Examples


  1. Constant Communication is 90% of the task

Salesforce opts for outsourcing for its design project. Their marketing team uses CreativeOps methods when collaborating with a design service. They achieve what they want and create great design software.

A lesson is to achieve success in your business; it’s important to examine how you communicate and find ways to make it effective for everyone on your team.


  1. Prioritise your design wants

Otta has a big job: they want to design a powerful ad in a short period. They opt for a third party rather than hiring an in-house team, which is a good decision.

With a new ad design, they can discover the message they want to convey. The focus here is prioritisation, and they focus on a better approach: outsourcing. Otherwise, they need to put huge effort into the ad design.


  1. Be Versatile

Picsart, the most popular content creation platform, wants an AAA-quality design that ensures its ads are for all types of content creators, regardless of industry.

Picsart collaborates with third parties to craft a diverse and adaptable assortment of graphics. They keep the distinctive essence of their brand while catering to a broad spectrum of consumers.

This collaboration underscores a crucial design principle: – while preserving your brand’s fundamental elements, don’t hesitate to explore and diversify. Consistency is paramount for brand establishment and recognition, yet it shouldn’t stifle your ability to connect with varied audiences.


  1. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Imperfect Foods values everything, including produce, design elements, and advertising content, and adheres to the “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy. The Company, which was growing quickly, looked for ways to make the most of its current assets by reusing them for billboards, television commercials, and websites.

Imperfect Foods wants to outsource and optimize its design process, emphasizing reducing duplication, repurposing elements that work well, and recycling earlier iterations. Using this strategy, they created variants of their earlier ads and introduced motion design, a wide variety of content to be included while keeping a consistent brand identity.


  1. Simplify Your Workflow



As the need for customised online experiences grew, Get Your Guide tried to improve the quality of its design process so that every location left a lasting impression. Because of their wide range of vacation experiences, they required a scalable solution for integrating excellent photographs and design elements.

Through outsourcing, they developed a special design template that expedited the production process and allowed Get Your Guide to highlight each destination as a custom and distinct experience.

The important lesson here is the power of templates. By creating a customisable template that includes your brand’s distinctive characteristics, you can cut down on the time spent on design duties and save hours, if not weeks, of work. Consider posts on social media, for example. A template can expedite and standardise the creative process, eliminating the need to create unique graphics for every article.


  1. Simplicity is key

When the pandemic started, Amazon Pharmacy was in a rush. With its large logistics framework, Amazon Pharmacy wanted to deliver a new medicine service to clients.

Amazon Pharmacy wishes to send a clear message via a marketing campaign, so it designed its advertising campaign simply.


  1. A visual says a thousand words

Conveying ideas in complex business concepts can be challenging. Consider cryptocurrencies as an example: – a major challenge is articulating complex procedures such as crypto-backed loans in an understandable and scalable way.

SALT enlisted the help of a third party to condense its distinctive business concept into straightforward yet powerful visuals and ads that could be used on multiple media channels.

The most important takeaway is that images convey a lot. This may seem simple, but marketers and designers ignore it.


  1. Hold a Balanced Approach

Maintaining its corporate identity across several platforms was a significant challenge Mitto faced when it decided to outsource. They discovered the essential components that formed their brand and streamlined design procedures and turnaround times by streamlining their brand guide.

It all comes down to using a middle-out strategy. Instead of putting off design concerns, understand your brand identity and its components. Having a solid base makes it easy to be flexible across many platforms.


  1. Know Your Industry Dynamics



When Brio decided to outsource, they looked for a design service that met the standards of their sector. Prioritising industry relevance over internal identity, Brio, a COVID testing logistics company, created a brand visual consistent with trust, quality, and reliability—traits critical in health-related sectors.

Industry awareness is the essential graphic designguidance here. Make sure your designs suit the demands of the market and the industry. Consider issues such as portraying problem-solving abilities, client expectations, and appropriate creative techniques. The secret to success in business is mastering design aspects like colour and typography to evoke strong emotional responses.


  1. Go for Uniqueness

Amol Parikh of Doodle Labs dared to make a difference in a market overflowing with traditional patterns. They strive to develop a distinctive brand identity and use vibrancy and individuality to set themselves out from competitors rather than fitting in with the norms of the business.

Here, the basic rule of graphic design is to dare to be unique. Being distinctive can help your firm stand out amid predictability and conformity. If you have an excellent product or service, put it front and centre. Making the bold decision to stand out in a sea of traditional designs can help your company grow.


Ten graphic design errors to evade

  • Overcrowding: – Keep your design elements to a minimum to avoid overwhelming viewers.
  • Lack of Visual Hierarchy: – Put key components in a way that makes them stand out and directs the viewer’s attention.
  • Ineffective Use of Colour: – Select colours to elicit the desired feelings and prevent conflicts.
  • Unreadable Typography: – Make sure the text is easy to read using readable fonts and size adjustments.
  • Lack of Alignment: – Randomness looks cluttered; keep everything aligned for a unified appearance.
  • Incongruous Branding: – Address your brand’s visual identity to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Inappropriate Imagery: – Avoid confusing graphics and use images that complement your message and tone.
  • Poor Use of Whitespace: – An unbalanced design requires elements to have room to breathe; too much clutter is overwhelming.
  • Lack of Contrast: – Ensure important elements stand out with enough contrast.
  • Copying others: – Aim for originality to stand out and maintain authenticity.



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