Designing Marketing Brochures: The Complete Guide

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Print advertising is definitely on the rise once more. Even social media platforms are buzzing with examples of successful print marketing campaigns with the help of a professional brochure design company in UK.

Well, that is how things work in the marketing industry. What we consider to be out-of-date overnight becomes popular once more.

When events like this take place, firms that have kept making investments in comprehensive, multichannel marketing strategies greatly profit. They don’t need to reinvent the wheel because their marketing plan already incorporates the most recent trends. They only need to keep an eye on the most recent fashions and adjust their brochure and logo design choices accordingly.

The time has come for brands to increase their print marketing efforts, whether they have been investing in multichannel marketing or not. People are seeking opportunities to interact with local brands and businesses even while traveling, and local events are expanding, and local businesses are expanding their reach. Brochures may greatly increase your brand’s recognition and reach while also assisting you in connecting with your target audience.

According to Statista, as of September 2016, reveals the final time travelers in the United Kingdom (UK) utilised a travel brochure to make travel arrangements. 27 percent of poll respondents claimed they hadn’t used a holiday brochure in more than two years or before 2014.

As a result, we provide you with all the design advice you need in this blog post by a top brochure design company in the UK to make your brochure designs stand out in 2023.

What Will Brochure Design Mean In 2023?

What Will Brochure Design Mean In 2023

It is never a good enough argument to adopt a marketing trend just because everyone else is doing it. To better grasp why this style of design is so unique in 2023, let’s first explore how to develop the best brochure marketing campaign.

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There has never been a better time for digital marketing, and every business counsel is advising companies to embrace the internet world. So it makes sense that the field of print marketing would experience a sharp drop. But this widespread engagement of businesses in the digital sphere has unintentionally boosted print marketing. As more people move digital, there is more competition, more material is available, and more expensive ad slots.

However, brochure and animated logo design services in the UK can assist you in overcoming many of the drawbacks that modern digital platforms have.

Brochure Marketing

  • Aids in Raising Brand Recognition

A Bentley University study found that 85% of tourists believe they can readily learn about a firm from brochures and that 79% of tourists like to interact with brochures.

  • Increase in Offline Sales

Online, educational content creation services have been popular, and consumers prefer educational brands to those that merely push their wares. Brochures give you more opportunity to inform and engage with your audience than a flyer or billboard.

  • Target Regional Audiences

Global purchasing ceased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic-related travel restrictions. Customers used to buy from faraway countries without giving it a second thought, but now they are starting to learn about local options. You should now take use of your neighbourhood marketing initiatives, and what better design to deploy than a brochure? Utilize store visitors by providing an eye-catching brochure.

  • Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely

Online marketing and advertising may become very competitive, as we have already discussed. Pay per click costs are increasing, but if you have a strong collection of brochures, they might be your most economical marketing tool.

8 Design Tricks for Effective Brochure Promotion

brochure promotion

The delivery model is what matters most when communicating with your audience, regardless of the channel you select. You must establish a connection with the target market and maintain their interest throughout the entire marketing effort. Marketing professionals and brand managers typically use design as a tool to accomplish this.

What design guidelines are necessary, then, to keep your audience interested in and emotionally linked to the brand while yet effectively presenting through the help of content creation services for your brochures?

  1. Make Your Brand’s Identity Clear

Every brochure must celebrate your brand identity because they are an excellent instrument for raising brand awareness. Additionally, brochures are frequently used in local marketing, so consumers are familiar with the format and are more likely to interact with them if they are attractive and useful.

However, modern consumers have a limited attention span. They also have a shorter recall span on top of all that. For a customer to remember a brand, they must have over 5-7 impressions of it. Therefore, in order to increase brand recall, firms must continually raise brand awareness across all media.

All of these points to a straightforward fix: create brochures that make it easy for clients to recognise your brand’s visual identity.

Every brand has a limited palette of brand colours and a set of visuals that relate to its goods, principles, and sector. To accentuate brand identity, it is crucial to prominently feature them in the brochure design.

  1. Pick Your Colours Carefully

colour choices

In the marketing industry, colour is magical. But to what many of us believe, colour psychology is actually more scientific than we realise. The human brain is designed to sense colours in images, and as we develop, we start to relate particular hues to particular meanings. This may be the result of cultural influences, common sayings, or even life lessons. And brands make use of this to meaningfully communicate with their target audience.

How do you engage someone who is only reading a few lines of text? Through colour, you can convey meaning and unspoken words in your digital marketing strategy. Naturally, your choice of colours for your brochure design will have a significant impact on its success.

  1. Use Fonts to Create Visual Hierarchy

Contrary to the normal crisp one-pagers that clients have grown accustomed to, brochures can sometimes be a touch lengthy. How then can you keep their interest and make sure they follow you all the way through?

The only way to hold people’s attention is with smooth transitions and takes them on a journey that keeps them turning the page without even realising it. Now, you can accomplish it in a video using the audio and connecting frames. But what exactly do you require from a text-based marketing channel?

The key to successful brochure marketing, as well as most other print marketing products, is creating a visual hierarchy. In this manner, the client is led from your messaging to the CTA.

  1. Choose the Best Design Theme for Your Company

Without actually saying anything, you can convey a lot. Have you ever read an invitation and instantly known the party’s theme? What about a social media ad with just one image and a link to a website? Did you click on it because the image was sufficient to provide you with the information you required?

In each of these cases, the design team’s decision of a certain design aesthetic was sufficient to convey their message to you. In actuality, the design aesthetic worked better than anything else.

  1. Select the Ideal Brochure Design for a Seamless Story

We discussed the value of message flow, so how can we avoid discussing the significance of brochure layouts? Your audience is directed in how to interpret the contents by the layout you choose. The user experience will be significantly impacted and all your work will be for naught if the wrong text is placed on the wrong fold.

Decide how you want to position the contents of your brochure before you design it. Yes, the length of the brochure design must be determined by the amount of content, but the layout and folds depend on the narrative.

  1. Utilize the Right Cover Image to Draw In the Viewers

cover image

Where will brochure marketing be useful for your company’s brand? Primarily at offline events when stray patrons pause for a brief moment to consider whether the brochure on exhibit is worth their time or not. It goes without saying that your initial impression must be the strongest.

The ideal cover photo can:

  1. Draw in the audience
  2. Convey to the audience the subject of the brochure
  3. Make your brand’s identity clear


Do not choose your cover photo carelessly given the important impact it will play. Inform the design team what you want the buyer to feel when they pick up your brochure when you write the design brief for it. Give them as much information as possible about the emotions, subject, and any other factors so they can choose the ideal images for your brochure. If you can find any, include examples of images in the desired style.

  1. Illustrate Your Point

illustration in brochure

We’ve talked extensively about developing the brochure’s cover image, layout, and even selecting the best design aesthetic. However, it is not only about the exterior; the interior is just as important.  We just have one additional piece of advice for designing a brochure’s content, beyond what has already been mentioned. And that is to use graphics to help you make your point.

The best format for marketing instructional content about your company’s name, goods, and services is a brochure. It is a lengthy blog’s paper equivalent.

  1. Make Your Brochures Look Their Best Online

To develop a comprehensive strategy for reaching your customers, it is crucial to combine offline and internet marketing initiatives. Additionally, this marketing strategy guarantees that clients experience a unified brand at all touch points.


Are you eager to make a brochure marketing investment? We hope that by now you understand how important it might be as well as how to make the most of your brochure designs.

But sometimes, it seems like it’s easier said than done, especially since switching from print design to design for digital platforms can be challenging. What do you then?

You’ll need a staff, that is familiar with print designs and knows how to leverage them to your brand’s advantage. You need a design team that can manage everything because these designs require additional abilities like editing, graphic design, and illustration. If you are looking for branding and animated logo design services in the UK, contact LogoDesignsCompany, one of the best branding and logo design services providers in the UK.

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