11 Examples Of Promotional Products That Have Been Effective

promotional products

Today for marketing your product or service, there are multiple ways to do that, like social media contests, blog posts, event hosting, etc. Among these, there is also a one significant way to advertise your product: “promotional products.” This way of promoting your product enhances consumer recognition and brand exposure. You can build strong connections with target clients that increase trust and loyalty. But the question is: What sort of promotional items do consumers want, though?

So in this blog, LogoDesignsCompany, the best product packaging design and digital marketing agency that also offers corporate promotional items in the UK, will discuss the importance of promotional products for marketers and the best examples of corporate promotional items that hit the mark.


Reasons that Promotional Products are Essential for Marketers

Here is the reason why promotional products are highly essential for marketers.


An Inexpensive Approach to Getting the Brand Exposure

brand exposure

Because the recipient now has a personal item they can frequently use, such as a pen, mug, Frisbee, or phone holder, your brand will stick in their memory when you give away gifts. More people will see the presents and become aware of your business if you distribute them.


Brand Recognition

Most consumers intend to purchase services from businesses that give them corporate promotional items. From the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), it is found that 85% of consumers can memorize the brands that wear branded clothing. The reason behind this reality is that when they highly use these products, they impress with the brand.

The more you gift someone, the more possibility they will remember the brand and recall it. As a result, when customers come across your brand’s name or symbol, they will be more likely to remember it. Your clients be able to identify it and feel a stronger connection to it.


Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Without a doubt, people adore freebies. People are more likely to use something regularly when you provide something that meets their needs or wants. People will associate your brand favorably and positively if the presents are enjoyable, increasing brand preference. People are more motivated to utilize these gifts frequently if they are beneficial.


Simplistic Marketing

Although you need to pay for the thing you are giving someone, once you’ve given your items to someone, your customers will advertise for you if they like them. People represent your brand for you when they carry products bearing your company’s name or symbol at work, when going around in public, or while wearing such items. These items constantly come into contact with other individuals, influencing them as well. As a result, your things will likely end up in more hands, and you never know where!


Great Examples Of Corporate Promotional Items Giveaways

promotional items

You know that when giving promotional items, it can be more effective for marketers than they expect. As a marketer, you can display your business logo design on promotional items and associate with target clients to gain exposure at a reduced cost. However, you must ensure that your clients appreciate the items you are handing out and won’t try to get rid of them. So keep exploring the blog and get to know about the more brilliant corporate promotional items by gaining better exposure to your brand.


Branded Writing Utensils

Everyone uses branded writing utensils; great promotional items work very well as they are tiny, functional, and always in demand. The writing utensils are leisurely to carry by anyone, and your clients can take them to any place. But ensure that what kind of utensils you produce must be of premium quality and not be too expensive or too cheap.

You want to hit both of these points for buyers to like your products and keep them for a long time because quality and utility are the whys and wherefores people retain promotional items. To enhance exposure, print your business logo design and name on the items.



Cups, bottles, and mugs are good practical promotional items, you can print your business logo design on them. These drink wares are used for coffee, tea, or water and people use them in offices and homes. The receivers can even wish to display them as accessories if they are attractively made, just like coffee drinkers do with Starbucks cups. 78% of consumers claim to own promotional drinkware, according to Statista.


Accessories for Phones

Phone accessories are a wise choice to reach a broad and generic audience because people carry their phones everywhere. Hand straps, wallets, holders, microphone blockers, and phone grips could be some of the best promotional products.


Mobile Speakers

Phones, laptops, and miniature speakers make excellent presents. People are more likely to be near others when they prefer to listen to music through headphones rather than an open speaker. In a fun and social environment, this translates to excellent brand exposure for you. Or they can be used during gatherings held by businesses or the general public where a large crowd will attend.



Journal is an everyday thing that almost everyone occupies, whether for work, school, personal writing, or even making lists. People mostly rely to record their particular tasks in it. Journals exist in multiple sizes, and you can give them as a gift. These are beneficial and can be sent to a lots of people. Additionally, they are portable, which makes them practical for exposure whether your recipients are in the library or are placing them on their desks at work.


Fun Items

Anything can be fun, like a reusable straw, a stress ball, and a pizza cutter. All these items are optional but can be helpful to the receivers even though they are not strictly necessary. Since recipients are less prone to purchase these products for themselves, you can give them as unfamiliar presents that will distinguish your company from the competition. These things can catch the attention of others, who could then wish to purchase them.


Computer Accessories

computer accessories

Webcam covers and USB fans are two excellent computer accessories to give away. People usually want better privacy to cool down themselves when they’re at work. These are two perfect presents that are useful, likely to be used frequently, and will provide your business with fantastic exposure. The number of brand impressions will increase as people utilize these products more regularly.


Wireless Tech Products

An outstanding example of Wireless Tech Products is a wireless phone charger. Wireless tech Products are so practical, and individuals are more likely to use them while in public and getting attention than when they are alone or at home. Another excellent choice is promotional power banks, owned by 33% of consumers, or almost one-third of them. Although not all people would purchase these products for themselves, they would utilize them if they were given out to customers.


Everyday Items       

Items commonplace but valuable as gifts are computer mouse mats and little cleaning kits. People will unknowingly be exposed to the things (and the brand) by receiving commonplace items, increasing their daily exposure to them. Additionally, the more times the objects are seen by someone, the more impressions those items will leave on them.



Baseball caps and socks are among the top giveaway items and can be great for publicity. These can make excellent gifts to give out because people are inclined to wear them as accessories when it’s sunny or when they’re wearing running shoes.

Clothing is likely to affect other people because it is one of the first things that you notice about someone when you look at them. The branding on caps is a good example because it is visible to people because it is on the head and directly above the face.


Why These Products Are Ideal Gifts?

All of such items have entertaining and valuable uses. If they are used for leisure, customers will begin to link your brand with something enjoyable and are more willing to use them in public. Users will use and carry around things with more practical functions more frequently. These promotional items are also compact and transportable, making them clever promotional goods that will spread as more people see them.



You can use these significant corporate promotional products for your brand exposure and visibility. However, to benefit your customers with unique promotional products, contact LogoDesignsCompany, the best product packaging design and digital marketing agency in the UK. We offer high-end corporate promotional items to clients to fulfill every kind of requirement and deliver what you need.

We comprise pens, stationery, bags, shirts, apparel, mugs, wallets, USBs, and other complementary giveaways to consumers of personalized products. Bluetooth, mobile batteries, key chains, staplers, and promotional gifts for businesses are just a few of the many items that combine well with our promotional stuff. Please don’t wait and contact us.

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