Benefits of Sales Brochure Design

Benefits Of Sales Brochure Design

Due to the focus on digital marketing, businesses today use printed marketing materials such as brochures. Why? After all, your brochure gives readers the impression that your company is reliable, professional, and quality-oriented. According to a report by Bentley University, about 79% of tourists like to take up brochures, and 85% of the public learn about new businesses through brochures. So, if you’re looking to use brochures in your next campaign, here are some good reasons to invest in marketing.

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Distribute Quickly and Easily

Brochure designing

Brochures allow you to create a complete marketing strategy and put it together in one compact document that can be distributed in minutes. Whether you’re distributing brochures face-to-face or simply side-by-side on a table, you’ll see how quickly your business can grow.

Brochures distribution is an effective marketing method because about 48% of customers react to brochures.

You can also quickly add booklets to almost any other item you distribute. Slip one into your promotional folder, put one in your box, or hand one out when you bag your product at checkout. Plus, you can get your brochure design in the UK, anywhere, in case you have the chance to win potential clients.

Here are some ways to distribute brochures

  1. Put Them in the Order They Were Rolled

If you own an online shop or are sending inquiries via a courier company, you can put your brochures into these parcel orders. This is a great way to send catalogues and brochures with coupons, vouchers or special offers.

  1. Decorate the Reception

If you don’t know where to hand out brochures, start with the reception area. This way, you can invite your customers to receive them without asking for more information, also you can encourage your customers to receive these marketing materials without asking for more information.

  1. Distribute At Trade Fairs, Fairs and Exhibitions

It’s no secret that these events draw large crowds. Displaying brochures here means that potential customers will pick them up. We may negotiate with trade fair, show and exhibition organizers to include flyers and other marketing materials in their “welcome packs” or distribute them for a fee.

  1. Distribute Pamphlets at Open House

Hold an open house if possible as it is an opportunity to introduce your products and services to potential customers and distribute brochures. Attendees can become potential customers because being there already means they are aware of your business.

  1. Place It on a Kiosk or Bulletin Board

There are many shopping malls and public areas with signs and kiosks. You can place your brochure here for free. However, you need to make sure your prospects are suitable for your target audience.

  1. Distribute through malls

Negotiate with the shopping center management so that the brochure can be distributed. This is a surefire way to build better relationships with your customers. In this way, brochures can be distributed as part of an independent marketing plan or as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

  1. Save brochure to presentation

If you don’t have a presentations folder, you’ll need to get one. Most companies typically use presentation folders to store data sheets and distribute them to prospective clients. However, you can place marketing materials such as brochures to maximize your marketing efforts.

Affordable Advertising


Overall packaging design services costs depend on the resources required for design and printing. If you have your own design software, computer, printer, paper, and colour inks, the cost of creating your brochure includes the use of in-house equipment and materials.

The highest costs usually include design, printing and copywriting. If you buy brochures in bulk, most printers will give you a discount on the bulk price. In terms of cost per page, brochures are a relatively inexpensive form of marketing.

Comprehensive Marketing Tools


The standard size brochure has enough space to add important information about your business, such as

  • Overview of our company
  • List of products or services and/or prices
  • Contact address
  • Company logo design
  • Mission statement
  • Advantages of choosing a company
  • All other selling points

Both sides of the booklet can be used to fill in each section on either side of the fold. You can also add inserts such as discounts, coupons and the latest offers.

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Impressions are more important than first impressions. Brochures offer another opportunity to advertise your business. For example, if you’re pitching and preparing to close your store, you can give prospective customers a brochure before they leave.

The same strategy works in almost any scenario. If you are at a meeting and are preparing to leave, you can distribute brochures to dozens of people as you leave. Brochures are great for reinforcing your message and making a lasting impression.

Get People’s Attention


A well-designed brochure can grab and hold people’s attention. It is a good chance to create a memorable message and enhance it with a very creative design. Follow these tips to read your brochure and get noticed.

  • List the benefits of purchasing your product or service
  • Keep paragraphs and sentences short and punchy
  • Use action words and concrete ideas, not big strokes
  • Integrate bullets and lists into your content
  • Make sure to reinforce your content with all graphics, photos, etc.

Also, remember the order of the information. For example, the front and back of a brochure should grab the reader’s attention. Each section should flow seamlessly into the next, creating an information hierarchy that includes the most important information first. Also, use descriptive headings to separate sections.

Reach Your Target Group


Marketing brochures ensure that you reach out to your target customers as long as they have the correct address. You can also target online prospects. However, the problem is that ads are often overlooked or mostly ignored. Therefore, brochures that slip through a prospect’s door rarely go unnoticed.

For example, think of the takeout menus we all collect, especially those in our area. This tangible marketing collateral will help you reach for the menu when you’re not good at cooking.

Networking events also increase your chances of reaching potential customers. While most networking events have a generic meet and greet, brochures ensure that your brand stays in the minds of attendees. The importance of marketing brochures also helps in brand memory.


Brochures are budget-friendly marketing tools that can reach your audience in a variety of ways. It gives credibility to the company and acts as a real marketing ad that highlights its different aspects. If you are looking for company logo, stationary, brochure or banner designers at affordable packages, then get in touch with Logo Designs Company.

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