9 logo designs for business trends to explore in 2024

9 logo designs for business trends to explore in 2024

2023 is now past, and we entered 2024. A New Year means new creations, trends, and changes, as 2024 assures to take along garden-fresh creativity to the front position. Businesses will now rebrand their business and explore what clients want this year. Like this year, you see how AI resembles a breathing innovation and making better the branding concept. People today use a blend of AI and human intelligence to develop new design ideas for branding; it’s like we’re entering a new, exciting hybrid design era.

When discussing visual design from a business perspective, many things come to mind, like giving a new look to a website or your social media pages, changing product packaging design, and, most notably, providing a logo a new touch.

So, whether you’re on a mission for a new business venture that needs a logo or considering a logo redesign in your existing brand for 2024, you need to be aware of 2024 logo design for business trends to take inspiration from them.

Whether you work with any reliable logo design services or connect with a free logo maker, make sure that your logo embodies your brand and has the tractability to cultivate and advance together with your business. And with the awareness of the 2024 design trend, you can do that.

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2024 Logo Design Trends From Our Top Logo Design Services 

2024 logo design trends from our logo design company

As the upcoming logo design for business goes forward, we’ll see more brands improve their digital performance and appeal to viewers in the most updated ways. We gauge that these logo design trends will supervise 2024:


Natural and sustainable

Natural and sustainable

Expect a delightful resurgence of logos in 2024, smoothly mixing nature’s beauty into their designs. Natural/sustainable logos lure stimulus from the atmosphere, espousing earthy tones that raise eco-consciousness and serenity. This trend nurtures a linkage with environmental values, bringing calm and harmony to a brand’s identity.

Simple yet complex leaf illustrations convert into the hallmark of this trend, representing growth, vitality, and a dedication to sustainability. Another enthralling aspect entails combining natural motions into logo designs, embodying the fluidity discovered in nature—from gentle swaying leaves to the fusion of sector and nature.

Forge a powerful linkage with consumers searching for eco-friendly brands by building a visual narrative that intertwines natural beauty with your dedication to sustainability.


Nostalgia but with a twist

From fashion runways to the newest web design trends, a recurring theme is the resurgence of retro styles infused with a modern twist. Whether it’s vibrant neon colours from the ’80s, the grunge vibe of the ’90s, or the futuristic Y2K optimism. It’s all about blending nostalgia with a fresh twist.

Gen Z has imparted a precious lesson—adding a touch of personal style can breathe the latest existence into the old. Nostalgic logos serve as potent tools to underscore age-old traditions, reinforce heritage, or invoke particular sentiments from the ” good ol’ days.” if you aspire to infuse a nostalgic aesthetic into your logo design for business, genuineness is key, guaranteeing it balances seamlessly with your brand messaging.

Consider Orange County Pinballs, which adeptly blended the legacy and the latest in its black and white logo. The slightly serif and shadowed font pays homage to bygone days, a fitting pick out for a company selling nostalgic tech with a modern twist. The circular stamp-style logo further improves the retro entice of the brand.

In building your logo, experiment with a harmonious merge of legacy and latest elements, presenting them in a modern and nuanced manner. Envision mixture mark logos featuring classic serif fonts paired with avant-garde shapes. Envision logo colour combinations that marry muted pastels with black or unexpected pops of neon.

A crucial aspect of logo psychology entails recognising your target audiences and establishing meaningful, appropriate communication. A logo that evokes familiar, nostalgic feelings in your customers’ hearts will undoubtedly build an enduring association with your brand.

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Art deco

Art deco

The roaring ’20s revival is upon us, and what greater way to usher it in than through the comeback of art deco in 2024’s animated logo design trends? This iconic style, renowned for its bold geometric forms and eternal allure, is building a statement—a fusion of classic elegance and a modern edge.

Businesses crave uniqueness in saturated digitalisation, taking them to the sights of avant-garde design. With Art Deco, with its potent visual language—symmetry, bold lines, and powerful shapes style stands out smoothly. A brand’s confidence, experimental spirit, and dedication to something truly distinctive are exposed.

While minimalism has long dominated the industry, a shift is about to happen as we technique 2024, and a retro elegance and modern flair merge to redefine the graphic design world, with art deco on the top.


Bright, bold, and colourful

Bright, bold, and colourful

Engage yourself in the lively globe of bright, bold, and colourful logos— a lively trend hugs a spectrum of vivid hues—reds, blues, oranges, and greens—creating a dazzling distinction against either light or dark backgrounds. You possess the spirit of a modern and exuberant business by injecting your logo with these lively colours.

These logos are a visual flare-up of energy. It arouses a vibe of cheerfulness, fun, and unbridled zeal. Exceeding visual appeal and using lively colours sets your company logo design apart, guaranteeing an enduring imprint on your audience.

A notable feature of this trend is its versatility. Logos adorned with bright and bold colours possess dynamic qualities, building them across various industries. Moreover, they charm equally on light or dark backgrounds, guaranteeing a uniform influence across various applications, from websites to marketing materials.

Whether you’re leading a tech startup for innovation or heading a creative agency that flourishes on artistic expression—the perfect way to deliver your envisioned message is with a vibrant and bold logo.


Hybrid life

Hybrid life

Witness the ascent of hybrid logos, where complex design elements, varied fonts, and bold colour combinations converge to build logos radiating deepness and richness. Unanticipated combinations, like layered letter logos, delicate openness effects, and innovative contours, are carefully crafted to upraise the logo’s influence without overwhelming it.

Consider the artful fusion of uppercase serif letters with lowercase script letters, a clever pick-out reinforcing a business mission to welcome all kinds of puppies into homes. The scripted lettering launches a touch of gentleness, while the uppercase letters infuse strength and resilience.

Contemplate the environments where your company logo design will be showcased, whether physically or digitally. Ought to it seamlessly adapt to either or adopt differentiation? Always remember how these creative amalgamations influence the brand message conveyed by your visuals.


Less is (still) more

Witness the evolution of logos customised for digital platforms, a response to the surging use of portable devices. The prevalence of mobile screens has prompted multiple companies to revamp their logos, steering away from complex designs toward a more simplified aesthetic.

A modern logo design for business, marked by clean lines, straightforward shapes, and a focal point on major elements, epitomises simplicity. Stripping away excess complexity nurtures extraordinary clarity, efficaciously carrying your brand’s identity and purpose.

The trend toward simplified logos arrives with multiple advantages. Chief among them is versatility, guaranteeing sharp recognition across numerous platforms, from digital screens to printed materials. The minimalism of these logos improves memorability in a visually cluttered landscape. Additionally, they frequently radiate elegance and timelessness, perfect for brands searching to carry reliability and authenticity.

Modern logo designs can boldly stand out or adopt a more understated approach, catering to varied audience preferences. Whether a single iconic symbol, a monogram, or minimalist typesetting or font, the design’s minimalism accentuates the notion that less can be more in logo trends. It attests to the enduring entice of straightforward aesthetics, proving that basic designs can leave an enduring impact.




Typographic logos to keep their eternal allure, and in 2024, we forecast a surge in lowercase fonts as a prominent typeface trend. From elegant high-contrast serif typefaces to simplified techno fonts, lowercase letters will grace a variety of logos.

Your typeface must narrate your brand story, depicting and expanding your business. Each aspect of your brand’s visual identity, precisely the typeface, should purposefully and selectively carry a cohesive language.

Consider Raya, a cosmetics creation facility, an exemplar of a company adopting a lowercase logo. The accent infuses flair while intertwined with modern, hip, and stylish vibes; the edgy and bold font imparts expertise. Remember that your typeface choices shape your brand’s identity and perception.


Illustrative typography

Illustrative typography exceeds a text-based logo; it’s an art form, building a visual masterpiece that narrates your brand’s story. This style seamlessly integrates letters, forming enthralling shapes or monograms, raising the written word to the latest heights.

Depth and symbolism are infused into your brand’s identity through illustrative logos. By carefully building letterforms to shape icons or monograms, complex messages, and ideas are conveyed straight within the logo. For instance, a company focused on eco-friendly items might use illustrative typography to shape a leaf within its logo, immediately communicating its dedication to sustainability. This makes the logo not merely a visual symbol but a narrative.

Illustrative typography logos are distinctive and effortlessly recognisable, leaving an enduring impression. An extraordinary illustration is “Hexis Crafts,” whose logo creatively depicts “hexis crafts.” Instead of using a standard font, it utilises pencils, rulers, stencils, protractors, and more – a distinctive and memorable approach.


Intentionally flawed

Embracing imperfection is a design trend that brings a personal touch to logos, building brands more approachable. Purposefully imperfect or hand-drawn elements add a distinct touch, emphasising the human element in distinction to the increase of AI.

Like a signature, an imperfect logo is a unique inscription where creative freedom meets the precise expression of your brand’s personality. It captures the essence of your brand in a distinctive and one-of-a-kind way. Hand-drawn details bring authenticity, sometimes appearing intentionally messy for a raw and natural experience or showing delicacy and fluidity for lifted design. A punk DIY aesthetic is emerging, delivering an edgier perspective for brands seeking to distance themselves from big tech.

Broken or distorted fonts, intentionally illegible, are on the rise, bringing a glitchy feel—a mix of digital and dystopian, boldly carrying a brand’s essence. Intentionally altering letterforms, overlaying imagery, or warping them to the point of being unrecognisable grabs attention, convincing readers to focal point and decipher messages through context cues.

Freeform shapes, Hand-drawn scribbles, and distorted typography discover a place in numerous logo designs for business, from emblems to letterforms and mixture marks. In 2024, brands will pioneer distinct details, exploring the latest and creative ways to speak their vision.



So now you know these trends and get an idea of what this year can bring to you if you follow these trends when designing a logo.

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