6 Great Examples Of Manufacturing Websites That Will Help Boost Sales In 2023


In any industry you belong to, an online image of your business must have a modern website design. A decent yet tempting website is the best way to show your clients what your brand stands for. Visitors to your website must be aware of the products and services you provide.

Usually, we see websites for retail, food care, and health care, which are highly appealing and cover the great qualities of a good website. But when comes to manufacturing industry, businesses usually focus less on a good website design.

Suppose you are considering creating a new website for your manufacturing needs. In that case, ensuring it is well-designed, user-friendly, and engaging is vital. This will allow visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for.

Keep reading this blog if you plan to make a new website for your manufacturing business.

This blog from The Logo Designs Company offering the top custom website design as well as mobile app design will drive you into the different factors you should reflect on when making your manufacturing website and some of the best industry and manufacturing websites to give your ideas. Let’s dive into it!

The Best Website Design For A Business That Makes Things


To make a website, you can use tools like Wigs, WordPress, and Adobe XD. Designing a website for a manufacturing business requires a lot of effort.

To make more money for your business, you need a website that draws people in and keeps their attention. When creating your website, it is essential to consider the individuals using it.

So working with a custom web design company like The Logo Designs Company makes meeting your site’s wants and goals easier. We can make you an up-to-date website with an extensive online profile.

For the website of a manufacturing business to be successful, keep in mind the following:


A website for manufacturing should have a flexible design and work the same on all kinds of gadgets. If you use the WordPress system, ensure you get a theme that works well on all devices.

Determining if a website is mobile-friendly can be done through various methods. One option is to utilise Google Analytics to analyse visitors’ devices to access your site.

Most people use their phones to reach services and ask for them. So, having a responsive website design for manufacturing helps with SEO and sales.

User Experience

Can we make a manufacturing website that looks good and is easy to use? Obviously, it is. A website for manufacturing must be easy to use, load quickly, and be easy to scroll through.

When designing for user experience, it is essential to consider the needs and objectives of your users. Your website should clearly convey its purpose and be user-friendly so visitors can easily find what they want.

An Ecommerce Function

People will check out your website before seeing you in person, while some customers prefer to shop online. So, you must add an eCommerce option to your manufacturing website when you make it.

There are many platforms to think about when making an eCommerce platform. If your website is made with WordPress, you can use the Woocommerce app, or Shopify is another platform that you can use.

Accessible Forms, Calls To Action (CTA’s), And Getting Leads


A company can make more money by turning customers through calls to action (CTAs) and creating leads. Your services and products must be easily accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about them.

Forms, messages, newsletters, cell contacts, and email addresses are some ways that you can generate leads with your manufacturing website designs.

All these things can be on any page of your website to get people to do certain things when they visit a website.

Worthy content

The information on a website for a manufacturing company should help people decide what to do. It’s also an excellent way to do better than your competitors.

Instead of traditional marketing methods like handouts and newspapers, your website offers marketing. To ensure success, having awesome content distinct from your brand or business is crucial.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is essential to rank your website and get people to read it. You can go for three methods to achieve SEO: on-page, off-page, and technical. Each of these three components plays a vital role in the overall success of SEO. If you do SEO, your site will show up higher on the first pages of search engines.

When making a website for a manufacturing company, use Meta descriptions, links, headers, and title tags with industry keywords.

If you hire a WordPress web design business, you can optimise your site, making it more visible online.


Your manufacturing website’s style should ensure that your customers are safe. Before buying a hosting plan from your domain service, ensure it comes with a Secure Sockets Layer certificate (SSLC).

If visitors feel they need to be more secure on your website, they may choose to leave. To stop this, make sure your page is safe. If your website says “not secure” right now, you must get an SSL certificate from your hosting company.

Hero Messaging

When someone visits your website for the first time, what should they expect to see? A strong and exciting hero message makes people want to learn more about your business.

Putting your star message at the top of your manufacturing website design could help you gain the trust of your audience. For example, your hero message could be about the values of your business and what it does.

Social Media Integration

More or less, buyers want to know what people think about your business or what they experience from your services. Your social media profile dramatically impacts how well you do online and how well-known you are. It also builds trust and makes more sales. Ensure that your social media accounts are linked to the style of your manufacturing website.

6 Real-life Ideas for Making Websites for Manufacturing


Now, let’s look at six business websites to get ideas on how to build a website for a manufacturing company that will increase sales in 2023 and above.

Johnson Deere

Johnson Deere is a well-known business that makes things all over the world. Their manufacturing site looks stylish and up-to-date, which is a plus. To begin with, their site always profoundly manages the colours and image of the brand in a very professional way.

Their site makes it clear that there is an eCommerce feature. Also, the pictures on the website are high quality and very clear, which makes them easy for users to understand. Along with the photos, the business has a successful content marketing plan to educate and help its community.

Lear Corporation

When you open the site, there is a transparent image and a story about heroes that makes you want to know more. You can explore their site in several background videos displaying that the company sells car seats and electrical tools.

A video on the Lear Corporation website shows what they are working on. There are subpages for each of the groups in the main menu. In the bottom part, there is a plan that shows the different areas and places they serve.

Lockheed Martin


At first glance, Lockheed Martin’s website looks very professional. The homepage makes it clear that the photos are real and of good quality. The company uses various calls-to-action (CTAs) when designing a website to guide people on actions to take.

On the main page, you can see many sections with drop-down menus and a news part on the website with great photos and videos to go with the articles.

Fairlawn Tool Inc.

Fairlawn Tool Inc. is ISO-certified, and the webpage is easy to understand and use. Having the ISO certificate on their website helps build user trust.

When you explore the site, there is a part with important information about the business. In a compelling hero message, they have displayed more information about the places they serve.

  1. Marlin Steel

Marlin Steel is a leading company specialising in customising tailor-made steel wire and sheet metal products. The company website mixes many things to make a cutting-edge site easier. The website offers a user-friendly form and a video providing more company information.

Sharretts Plating

Sharretts Plating gives multiple metals services, like gold plating and silver plating. The business has ISO approval, which is clear from the top part. There is also a cell phone number and a call to action.

On the website, you can view a clear and detailed business image. Most of the site’s pages and parts are easy to access and move through from the homepage.


For a manufacturing company to do well online, they need to have a website. Making a plan for a manufacturing website may be challenging, but the information above makes it more accessible.

So, if you want to increase sales, you should make sure your website is made with your customers and goals in mind.

To compete, businesses need strong brand presences. The Logo Designs Company specialises in mobile app and custom website designs that present your products and services in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner and engaging mobile applications that create seamless consumer experiences.

And for the further enhancement of your firm, we also build custom logo designs and banner designs to promote your company across multiple platforms.

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