Enhance your online store with a Professional animated video

Enhance your online store with a Professional animated video

Technology today constantly changes, and the generations that come after us will have no choice but to become highly dependant upon it as it advances. Much reliance is built on tech, including the entertainment industry, education system, and even shopping.

Everything went from offline to online — like ZOOM — in the shopping sphere — where most folks buy things online and weigh in (feedback). It can be good, too; everything you do is on your kitchen bench waiting for your product to come to your door. As such, the aim is to seek out businesses and learn new ways to attract customers to online shopping.

Businesses of all kinds have been adopting strategies towards improving their e-commerce experience, and one noteworthy approach is to add professional animated videos  on their sites. This strategy move has several ups (it generates good sales). However, for online-focused businesses, animations can work really well.

Here are six reasons why adding animations to your e-commerce website can improve conversion rates. Then, we will review the qualities of a solid animated video for your e-commerce site.


Make Public your brand with an animated explainer video

Make Public your brand with an animated explainer video


To bring in your brand, think about utilising an animated explainer video. These clips offer some insight into what companies are selling or their respective policies, with data from Wyzowl stating that adding an explanatory or introductory video to your homepage ups the chances of closing a deal exponentially.

For example, promoting a new app with animated characters demonstrating its usage will give an enticing look to the customers. Draw attention to your app’s unique selling points and specifications. In the video, guide them to resolve technical problems they may face. Use animated videos to convey engaging and educational information to form long-lasting customer trust!


Appeal to Clients with VR animation

Appeal to Clients with VR animation


Virtual Reality animation is the key to attracting customers to an animated video. And these videos are an incredibly effective tool to attract attention to any company’s product and hold their consumer’s curiosity in any particular commodity. As per the Statista, in 2022, global expenditure on online video advertising reached nearly 75 billion U.S. dollars, constituting roughly 30 percent of the total spending on display advertising worldwide.

This is the ‘want’ of the consumer who desires themselves within the products that will be bought. As such, a product video animation brings out this value.

As the other option, you can create a shopping animation video that takes consumers through the entire shopping process from start to end and drives the purchases.

Plus, adding a VR dressing room – where consumers upload pictures/videos of themselves and play around with your inventory items while being able to custom size options — provides added fun convenience. This advancement does more than attract clients; it streamlines the client’s shopping experience.


Convey a story via advertising animated video

Convey a story via advertising animated video


Using professional animated videos on your website smart move sets you apart from the field, portraying your business as progressive and innovative. Impress your audience with the power of animation, just like Lyft did with their video “June: “Life Is Better When You Share the Ride,” one of the top watched YouTube ads. This video’s success results from telling a compelling story and holding people’s attention.

Narrative-driven movies just like this provide exceptional selling tools. Sharing an empowering or amusing narrative about somebody internal in your association or an individual from the client, exhibiting how you have changed their life, will make the most difference.

Take, for example, if you’re running a sustainable fashion brand. Create a video animation storytelling how your eco-friendliness translates into environment protection and positive effects on the communities involved and the audience of people who care for sustainability.


Tell essential messages with exciting tactics with character animation

Tell essential messages with exciting tactics with character animation


Incorporating animated characters is a novel technique for compellingly delivering the message. On the other hand, animated videos need less time and energy but still convey the message well.

These videos provide better brand inclusiveness since the subjects used in these videos do not depend on age, race, gender, or nationality; hence, they minimise the chances of any possible backlash.

For instance, showcase pets having fun at your café outlet, eating food from your menu. This mindset exemplifies an impartial and inclusive service from staff towards all customer demographics.


Create emotions in your viewers with an Interactive animated video

Create emotions in your viewers with an Interactive animated video


Using animated videos in your marketing will appear daunting at first — it’s about moving into a different direction of experimentation and taking you out of your comfort zone. But this step is vital to building deeper relationships with customers. Professionally animated videos are direct interaction mediums with incredibly instructional customers, keeping the audience hooked while passing across important information. This methodology is a solid way to tell your story without losing customers’ minds.

For example, if your business is travel, include an animated video to show the travel experience and locations visually. To increase interactivity, let the user modify a particular ‘on-screen’ persona to reflect themselves and form an emotional attachment towards the entire VR experience. The usage is done through colour schemes, transitions, and audio tracks in the right combination within the video, making your online business fly to greater heights.


Enhance your Social Media platform statistics and website traffic using product-animated video

Enhance your Social Media platform statistics and website traffic using product-animated video


Using animated product videos makes it possible to increase your web visitor count and improve social media statistics. MultiMedia content has high visibility on Google since it’s favoured in their Algorithm. Visual-rich pages rank well. In fact, according to research carried out by Forbes and HubSpot, website videos increase the amount of user interaction, resulting in longer session lengths. This element affects the website’s placement in the search results, which increases the number of sales.

For instance, an online bakery could include high-quality animated clips where customers can picture themselves creating personalised sweet delights — cakes, muffins, etc. — according to their taste. This interactive design allows customers to visualise what’s cooked before ordering.

Regarding social media, channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are indispensable for brands’ promotion of their products, features, and discounts. A video distributed across these channels can go viral, spread around, and gain massive audience coverage, which could generate significant revenues for your business.

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What Makes a Worthy Animated Video for your online shop?

Effective yet professional animated videos engage and attract customers by incorporating various features. They blend entertainment with informative content efficiently.

Online media content should be concise and to the point because shorter videos are preferred by viewers, with a 63% higher watch rate than longer ones. Organisations leverage creative content to deliver specific messages within limited durations.

Short, precise video content ensures higher audience engagement. Short commercials yield extra favourable business results than lengthy ones, mainly used on e-commerce platforms.

Animated commercial videos explicate product details and organisational processes, enhancing customer knowledge and familiarity with the company’s offerings.

Entertainingly delivering information guarantees customer engagement and long-lasting brand recognition. Educating customers aids in decision-making and encourages product purchases.

Attractive content, characterised by high-quality graphics, well-matched voiceovers or background music, and relevant product information, entices viewers to visit the website and explore the company’s offerings. It also contributes to lead generation and overall business improvement.



And business folks pour tons of time and energy into their product daily. But when a brand fails in the marketplace, it could mean losing money for the business while wounding those at all levels of the business.

Moreover, to expand the customer base, businesses aim their video content to multiple customer groups. Videos represent the most effective marketing tools for e-commerce platforms, facilitating the organisation’s reach to a global customer base.

We must appreciate that professional animated videos have become a fundamental element within the digital marketing landscape. More and more companies are uniquely embedding them on their websites to increase their online sales. These animated characters provide an affordable and valuable way of taking your sales methods to the next level.

Hence, why make them part of your strategy to skyrocket your online store business?

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