7 Main Aspects to Craft a Fruitful Corporate Animated Video

7 Main Aspects to Craft a Fruitful Corporate A-01

Animated Videos are one of the well-recognized content marketing tricks. But why? As they allow you to interact with your viewers engagingly and memorably.

As per Hubspot reports, 86% of businesses use video content, believing it is the best go-to digital marketing means.

In 2022, the global animation market was estimated to be worth over 391 billion U.S. dollars. A five percent increase from the previous year’s 372.4 billion dollars. There is a prediction that this annual figure would continue to rise throughout the decade, reaching a projected 587 billion dollars by 2030.

In this blog, our experts in corporate animated video production in the UK will share with you seven key factors; these are the main factors you must consider before you start making any move to build an animated corporate video.

Determine the Goal

Determine the Goal-01

Are you directing to attract new clients, take-off a new product, lift your brand brightness, or inform your audience? Well; with clear defined goal — you stay focused in the right direction.

With a clear objective, a standard error is trying to capture multiple concepts or topics, resulting in clarity and noise in communication. You need to be focused on one message to craft a clear message.

If you have more to add, don’t sweat it. And you could always make more videos targeting other business goals!

Define Your Audience

Define Your Audience-01

Only aim to reach some people; focus on the right individuals.

Audience segmentation; an effective marketing approach for any corporate.

A deep understanding of your audience—figure out their problems, desires, and needs. Get relevant and highly personalised content solutions.

For your type of business, you can create as many Buyer Personas or perfect customer profiles as you need – interests, demographics, motivations, needs, behaviours, and more come under these profiles.

It takes time and stresses deep research, but is the base for fruitful brand interaction. And, if you haven’t begun yet, now begin with!

Another great approach —conduct surveys/reviews and talks/interviews with clients— both prospects, and potential.

Also, enquire from your website’s contact form or turn to your sales team— you can classify recurring glitches, needs, and desires.

As soon as your Buyer Personas are clear/well-defined, got for the profiles to aim in your animated video. Thus, your video content will undeniably resonate with your audience.

Pick Your Animated Video Style

Pick Your Animated Video Style-01

Now, it’s time to decide on the appropriate style for your business.

We’re not just referring to the visual style; you must also consider the voice and tone used in your message.

The video visual style must align with your corporate objectives, type, design, and the memo or you can the meaning you be set to convey.

For instance, if your company specialises in financial advisory services to high-net-worth individuals, using a children’s graphic style or overly vibrant colours might be unsuitable, as it might suggest a teenage-oriented app.

Just your video has animation doesn’t display like childlike or informal— custom designs tailored to your business is highly advisable.

The brand’s voice and tone pertain to its personality (the voice) and how it expresses itself in various situations (the tone).

Imagine this: If your company were a person, what characteristics would they possess? How would they dress? Would they be cheerful or reserved? Outgoing or introverted?

By defining your brand’s voice and tone, you assist the individual responsible for crafting your animated explainer video script, and other project members maintain a consistent communication approach.

This ensures perfect alignment with your brand!

Here, we’ve outlined five remarkable animated video styles suitable for corporate use:

Motion Graphic Animation

Motion graphics are versatile, incorporating colours, motion, and diverse screen transitions to enhance video aesthetics. It’s an ideal choice for corporate videos emphasising storytelling or presenting information in a structured sequence. Motion graphics facilitate the introduction of characters, with each frame following a storyboard sequence. Whether for explanatory purposes or advertisements, motion graphics offer flexibility.

Paper Cutout Animation

This style, akin to stop-motion videos (but with added creative animation) —popular in marketing campaigns for its strong communication. It focuses on storytelling. Cutouts can be crafted from materials (paper, cardboard, or fabrics); you can align with the desired brand voice.

Animated Infographic

Animated infographics enable brands to showcase statistical data, sales figures, and advancements while in a few words clearing up complex concepts through illustrations, text, and sometimes audio. They accommodate both interactive and non-interactive data formats. Interactive infographics are like dynamic elements (tooltips, hyperlinks, animations and accordions). Non-interactive versions present static data with minimal animation, such as statistics, geographical data, hierarchical information, data comparisons, and timelines.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation offers a practical and straightforward approach to corporate videos. It breaks down information into manageable segments, constructing the narrative through successive scenes. Concurrently, graphic sketches are bent on a whiteboard screen, perfecting the audio narration. This style is a reliable choice for straightforward corporate explainer videos.

Typography Animation

Typography animations primarily convey textual messages to the audience. They must improve more efficiently and concisely communicating extensive information or statistical data. You can get the audience’s thoughtfulness, you can mix these videos with animated words (colours, fonts and their sizes, and styles). And use vibrant visual elements.

Typography videos are well-known for product launches, advertisements, and explanation of services or products— widely used in data storage, corporate explainer videos, IT hardware presentations, brand typography, and more.

Recognise the Core Concept/Idea or Theme

Recognise the Core ConceptIdea or Theme-01

Recall our previous discussion about the importance of concise goal-setting? The same principle applies here.

Certain content poses challenges to our cognitive processes. When multiple ideas are jumbled together, the message becomes fragmented and bewildering.

Studies indicate that the brain dismisses information it cannot comprehend or deems irrelevant for survival.

Optimal results are achieved by selecting a central message and consistently elaborating on complementary secondary ideas.

Attempting to cover less risks overwhelms your audience, reducing retention and recall.

Build the Correct Duration

Build the Correct Duration-01

Based on our experience, an animated explainer video’s ideal duration is between 60 to 90 seconds.

This timeframe effectively conveys key concepts, engages the audience, and motivates them to take action.

In the case of commercial advertisements, the duration is considerably shorter, typically ranging from 6 to 20 seconds.

However, the situation is not entirely black and white. Several factors include content complexity, target audience, distribution platform, and project context.

For instance, when creating an explainer video for employee training purposes, its length can extend to 10 minutes or more without losing effectiveness.

In this scenario, you’re not dealing with unfamiliar individuals; your employees are interested in listening to your message. Furthermore, they understand the training process may require significant time.

Select the Distribution Channel

It’s crucial to determine the distribution channels for your video before production to avoid unnecessary time and cost expenditures.

Consider this: what do you anticipate will occur if you create a one-minute video and later intend to air it on television?

You’ll need to adapt the video format because the specifications differ between online and television content.

Moreover, television broadcasting tends to be more expensive, leading to shorter advertisements. Given that your explainer animated video is one minute long, you’ll likely require editing.

Think Through—Opt For a Corporate Animated Video Production Firm

Thus far, we’ve assumed your intent for a high-quality corporate animated video production—enables you to achieve your objectives and outshine your competitors.

However, if you opt for a more DIY approach, accessible, affordable, and user-friendly video production software, and templates are available. Popular options include Moovly, Powtoon, Vyond, Wideo, and Animaker.

These choices are not recommended for crafting professional business animated videos. Nevertheless, they can prove helpful in college presentations or internal employee-oriented videos.

It’s essential to recognise that all your marketing endeavours will only be successful with top-notch content encompassing visual and messaging aspects.

This is a decision you must personally weigh. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Should you choose to collaborate with the best, remember that competent illustrators and animators are only part of the equation. Your explainer animated video serves as a marketing tool, so the team you select must possess extensive expertise in digital marketing strategy.

When recruiting an animated video production company, three pivotal facets merit evaluation:

  • Portfolio: Visual quality is relatively frank to assess, and a corporate animated video productioncompany’s portfolio is its most compelling endorsement— it affords insight into the calibre of their designs and animations.
  • Feedback: To delve deeper into the strategic aspect, engage in discussions with them, convey your objectives, and ascertain their capability to genuinely assist you in achieving them. These conversations also highlight service quality and the team’s work processes.
  • Client Testimonials: Lastly, don’t overlook client testimonials. Peruse the feedback and endorsements provided by previous clients who have collaborated with the team, affording you a glimpse into the potential outcomes you may anticipate.

Closing the Blog…

To establish a solid foundation for a compelling business animated explainer video, clarifying these aspects before production is imperative.

Craft a well-structured plan, set it into motion, and you’ll witness outstanding results!

“Logo Designs Company” assume you found this blog enjoyable.

Should you desire professional guidance, free of charge, for your corporate animated video production tailored to your business, reach out to us here.

Moreover, our motto is not limited to animation videos; we are also a logo animation services provider in the UK.

So contact our professional logo designers in the UK if you want to design an animation logo for your firm.

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