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Top Web Design Trends You Must Know In 2022

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Web design trends have always evolved with many new functionalities but at a subtle pace. However, the pandemic made this pace go up because of how is increased user engagement. The effects of lockdown brought changes to every industry as we know it, including the world of web designing. Be it a web design company in UK or USA, they are all adopting new and latest web design trends to keep users entertained even in these hard times.

How Google now focuses on the user experience when it comes to website ranking indicates the importance it has nowadays. You should not underestimate the value of user experience or take it lightly. The businesses now do not have their websites in the ranking anymore and did not expect the user experience to be this serious. The loading speed, safe browsing, interactivity, and visual stability are top-notch factors that now help the website find its way to the top on Google.

Following are the leading trends being followed by top-ranked websites as they have realized their importance. If you have a website and it is not performing up to the level you want it to be, then consider following the trends mentioned below and observe the changes they bring.


  1. Fun And Optimism



In the 2010s, company logo design and web designs were mostly cool minimalist designs and focused more on functional-based interfaces, which was the need at that time. iPhone was familiarized in 2007, and the iPad in 2010; people were still new to the web. Experts suggested introducing a cool and fun side to experiment with how users interact to make people more used to digital services.

Nowadays, people are well aware of the digital services in the market and connect with them quite easily. Likewise, after two years of living in a pandemic, it seems like we are due for a little bit of fun.

How the latest websites now follow the approach of providing optimism in designs matters a lot to customers. The joyful features, positive messaging, bold colors, and attractive typography have increased customer interaction. This helps take their minds off serious issues, which we need to do. The easier you make your website look, the more likely you will welcome more potential customers. A website full of life, with bouncing texts and moving images, makes your users engage more, which makes them come back again.


  1. Mindful Web Designs



Most people had the feeling of their work getting limited because of the lockdown because meeting people and roaming around was strictly restricted. This made the web designs emerge as a place of restrained calmness, which greatly influenced users worldwide. We see the perfect use of white design to let us rest our eyes; this is called mindful website design. This approach focuses on not showing extra content on the screen, which makes users overwhelmed.

Moreover, this approach perfectly aligns with Google’s demand for the website to be more mobile-friendly. These are the times when users access websites on multiple devices; it has to be ensured that responsiveness stays a priority for a top-notch quality user experience. The more petite content you include on your website helps it load faster; it is a win-win situation.

Websites are now working to appear perfectly on phones, like native mobile app design, to have customers interact with them even more. Notice Google’s homepage’s perfect use of the whitespace; this is the best way of driving customers to the part where you need them to take action. In the case of Google’s homepage, the search box is the main area that users focus on.


  1. Muted Earth Tones



Our options are indeed restricted in this pandemic, but it also has made many of us introduced to nature. The indoors closed down because of covid, people started exploring nature again, hiking the mountains, and walking in the woods. The web design experts utilized this opportunity to benefit and draw more customers to their websites. We now see websites using muted earth tones, which bring calmness into the designs portrayed in the backgrounds.

This is restful to look at and increase customer engagement as well. How much we look at our screen these days will make this approach perfectly utilized. Moreover, it is easier to look at and does not overwhelm the users with technical aspects only. Anything easier on their eyes users makes them dwell on the website for a prolonged duration.

These backgrounds and images featuring nature in them are the best way to grasp customer attention. Any approach that helps bring more customers to your website is more than welcome in this noisy market. The muted earth tones have indeed worked wonders for websites, and now many website owners are set to have them implemented in their websites as well.


  1. ScrollyTelling



One of the leading web design trends today is ScrollyTelling. It is also called “narrative visualization.” This type of design lets you scroll through the page and add attractive visual elements to help digest the idea perfectly. This type of story attracts more customers, and this is what most web designers are now adding to their websites.

It also works best on a commercial level, as it is something that appeals to the customers instantly. The best way to understand it even much better is to try using it once yourself so you know how appealing it is for your customers. Storytelling has always been attractive, and this is why new and more exciting ways to tell stories are being introduced. This primary purpose is always to draw more customers, and so far, it has been working wonders.



A website can help you stand out from the competition in this busy market. Be it business logo design or the latest web designs, businesses are now implementing anything that brings more customers to the website. Competition in the market is not getting any easier, so hire the top-notch business logo design and web design company in UK and USA, Logo Designs Company.


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