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The latest digital technologies are bringing innovations in the field of design, evolving artistic methods much faster than before, including logo designs. Logo designs don’t always have to be boring following the traditional styles; with innovation comes new ideas to enhance existing practices. The animated logo designs are the answer to all the boredom by experimenting with various types of logos, especially the moving ones. How fascinating does it look to see logos change their colours, sizes or rotate, keeping the customers spellbound?

People do not have the time and patience to read lengthy articles or descriptions about a product; instead, they prefer watching a short video. Hence, logo designers are creating animated logo designs by taking advantage of this psyche. Technology has come a long way, from animated marketing videos to animated logos. The unique idea of animation integrated into the logo designing industry is here to stay. It will be a hot topic in 2022, leveraging customers out-of-the-world appealing and eye-catching logos that will be fun to watch. There are many types of logos, from rotating to expanding animated logos, that businesses can choose from, but the real question remains the same which logo design will best suit your business. Let’s delve deeper into animated logo design with what they are and why companies are pursuing them.

What is an animated logo?

What is an animated logo?

The logo itself is the core of your business or brand identity representing your company’s products, services, values and goals. A powerful logo can narrate the business story while connecting to its target audience in the most effective ways. The logo is the modern way of marketing your brand without saying anything.

It all started from static and print-focused graphic designs and has landed into motion graphics that give the logos a realistic and fun look. Companies worldwide have made it the foundation of a successful business, varying from short videos to simple moves. A custom logo design uses advanced tools and graphics to create logos depicting the business personality. The best logo raises brand awareness, evokes emotions, makes a good impression, shows company insights or professionalism, tells the brand story and keep the customers engaged.

6 Types of Animated Logos

  1. Rotating Logo

Rotating Logo

The rotating animated logo is the most common type of design used by companies where some elements of the logos keep rotating. The playful and bold patterns are enough to keep the customers hooked to the screens. Take the example of the Giant Owl Productions that use static text while other elements keep moving. The company creates short films, TVCs and programs. The logo shows rotating spheres and changing the radius, later on, to represent the reels and ending with the owl eyes blink. Such designs grab the customers attention while delivering the right message about the business dynamics.

  1. Hiding and Revealing Log

Hiding and Revealing Log

Businesses are creating curiosity among their customers to know what the brand is all about by using hiding and revealing logo designs. Usually, animated marketing videos use this technique before the story’s climax, and when applied to logos, it enhances the design and appearance. Such logos start with the initials from the centre and gradually revels the full name with motions, or it could be the other way round. A non-profit foundation, Delfina Foundation, uses hiding and revealing to raise awareness about its cause. The monogram logo reduces to an underline, vanishes and reveals itself in sanserif initials with a D and F. It’s considered one of the most intriguing and effective ways of engaging the audience.

  1. Expanding Logo

Expanding Logo

Designing a logo should be fun and inspiring while delivering the company’s message in the simplest ways, understood by any ordinary person. Companies with a long name usually use this technique to perfectly fit the complete title in a crowded space. The marketing animated video or logo gives the power to companies to shrink or expand the logo with great flexibility. Ideo Architekci is the best example of a business using an expanding logo design. Its yellow-coloured logo can be easily adjusted to any shape or size while looking incredible in all. It was developed using a modern sans serif typeface and grid-based framework to provide maximum flexibility at all times. Other companies like Simon Pengelly or the Eat logo by Fable use it to shrink or expand innovative ways.

  1. Morphing Logo

Morphing Logo

Another amazing type of animated logo design has to be morphing, creating a buzz in the marketing industry. Business logos used to be boring, but everything looks more fun with technological advancement. Take the example of LinkedIn; it uses a morphing logo, amazing people with its creativity. The company adopted a Disney animation style to create flawless and unique logos. It shows a businessman throwing a suitcase in the air while walking; it turns into the “in”, and suddenly the rest part, “linked”, pops out and completes the name “LinkedIn.” What else could get better but a Disney inspired logo design?

Animation has taken over most of the marketing strategies to cater to the growing demand for innovative videos and logos. Many industries have integrated animation into their business model. Social sites, websites, presentations, promotion videos, etc., are the new ways of promoting your business. The animated marketing videos are here to stay and let enterprises convert their logos into GIFs that can get effectively used for social posting through different mediums.

In Conclusion

Corporate Logo designing is an important marketing strategy that needs to get designed, developed and implemented well to divert the target audience towards your brand. The best custom logo design is simple, memorable, and unique that seamlessly delivers the company’s message or core values. Animation adds motion to everything you plan to do, be it pictures, videos or text. When combined with a logo, it generates an overwhelming response, increasing the business sales in the long run. Moreover, it enhances customer experience and satisfaction, and increases brand loyalty. Next time you think of designing a logo, think about animation.

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