Top 10 Cutting-Edge Design Trends For Your Product Packaging Of 2023

The packaging design trends for 2023 are a response to present global affairs, like global wars, rising inflation, and the climate crisis. Despite these challenges, the industry is responding with enthusiasm and optimism.

From vibrant colours that catch your eye to nostalgic elements that bring back memories, packaging designs embrace a playful and fun aesthetic. They bring a touch of happiness to our everyday lives via familiarity elements. These familiar elements are like little nods to the things we know and love.

So here in the blog, we will discover the trends that bring positivity and enthusiasm to the packaging and labelling landscape. Let’s start!

Ten best packaging design trends for 2023

Playful Palettes with Illustrated Ingredients

In 2023, decorating packaging with illustrated ingredients in vibrant and energetic colour palettes will be popular. It uses hand-drawn or illustrated representations of the ingredients in a product instead of simply listing the ingredients in text form.

This trend reflects a growing cultural appreciation for clearness, especially concerning the composition of the products (specific ingredients or components that make up those products) we consume.

By visually displaying the ingredients, this design strategy attracts consumers who are curious about the substances they consume.

Additionally, it serves as a means of differentiating between different flavours or product variants.

This trend’s visual style tends toward a cartoonish and youthful aesthetic to evoke childhood memories and derive wholesome energy.

Instead of intricate and highly detailed artwork, the illustrations have a more superficial and playful quality, resembling hand-drawn or doodle-like drawings. While the illustrations’ lively and vibrant colours make the ingredients appear fresh, enticing, and flavourful. This strategy enhances the attractiveness and amusement of the product’s packaging.

This trend’s bold and colourful nature not only helps brands differentiate themselves from rivals but also performs as a quick visual indicator for consumers to recognise the product. This packaging design trend effectively achieves these two essential objectives: differentiating among competitors and promoting consumer recognition.

Tactile texture

Brands increasingly recognise the benefits of implementing tactile textures to create outstanding packaging. Techniques that add texture to packaging, such as die-cuts (artistic openings in the packaging), embossing and debossing (packaging raising or depressing), and foil printing (using reflective metal on the packaging), are becoming increasingly popular.

Products for labelling and packaging using these printing techniques appear more valuable and fashionable, often associated with high-end brands or luxury packaging.

This packaging design trend provides a tactile experience that engages our sense of touch, a refreshing break from our digital lives. Your clients can experience the feel of a package with distinctive textures. They will engage in more senses than just sight, creating a unique appeal.

These specific printing elements direct the viewer’s attention and establish a focal point. It also adds a premier aesthetic and visual fascination to packaging.

Wrap-around patterns

Wrap-around patterns involve broad, seamless lines to create aesthetically pleasing patterns covering all packaging sides. In contrast to conventional packaging designs emphasising only the front, wrap-around patterns arouse curiosity and encourage consumers to pick up the product. The consistent patterns and fluid design attract attention mainly when the products are shown on shelves.

Wrap-around patterns in packaging design catch our attention, especially when the patterns align on shelves. The appeal of this trend lies in the consistent patterns and fluid design, making it visually captivating and easy to notice.

Typographic scrawl

Typographic scrawl highlights handwritten or “scrawled” packaging text. The typography resembles permanent marker writing, complete with streaks and uneven colouring. It provides the impression that the product’s name is written effortlessly on the package. Unlike the polished and perfect branding often seen, this aesthetic gives off a relaxed and personal DIY feel.

The hand-drawn lettering adds authenticity and appeals to our sense of humour. This trend brings a softer and more grounded feel by conveying character, homemade charm, and down-to-earth authenticity, especially during chaotic times.

Mascot Variations That Unite Products

Traditionally, mascots had a consistent appearance and personality across various products. Nonetheless, brands are now introducing variations to their mascots’ appearances, such as new outfits, movements, and attitudes, to communicate with different product categories and flavours. Without risking cohesion, these alterations add a lively and eccentric touch. It is an efficient method for unifying an entire product line, appealing to consumers, and endearing them to the brand.

Are you interested in bringing your brand’s mascots to life with variations that connect your products? Along with packaging and labelling, our team of design specialists specialises in the following areas:

We can help you create captivating visuals integrating these playful mascot variations. We will confirm a cohesive and appealing brand experience across all touchpoints. Visit our site today!

Ecstatic colours

In 2023, ecstatic colours, which are bold, highly saturated, and vibrant tints, are embraced in packaging design. These colours give up formality and intend to attract attention.

Using bold and vivid colours is an effective strategy to make packaging stand out, given the importance of visual attention. While stimulating a sense of playfulness and whimsy, ecstatic colours convey a bold and fearless atmosphere. They can provide a glimmer of hope and a sense of playfulness as we turn to the future.

This trend highlights highly saturated colours, textures, a playful attitude, and daring design choices. It attracts attention and embraces daring aesthetics and personalities.

Cartoon charm

Cartoons have a unique charm with their cute aesthetics and playful scenarios, evoking a fun and whimsical feeling resemblance to childhood. Incorporating cartoons into packaging design highlights that charm and enhances a brand’s personality.

In 2023, packaging cartoons tend to adopt a classic, minimal design comparable to newspaper comics. They have been hand-drawn swiftly and effortlessly. In contrast to the more refined animations seen in movies and television, these cartoons adopt a minimalist and imperfect aesthetic. For example, your packaging can intentionally have uneven lines, slight tremors, and other imperfect design ideas to create a more organic and handmade feel.

These hand-drawn strokes display a slight tremor and embrace flaws on purpose. These characteristics contribute to the overall silliness and goofiness of animations.

Integration of Creative Twist in Product Visuals

2023 packaging design incorporates abstract, geometric, and simplistic shapes to create new product visuals. Rather than simply displaying the product in its literal form on the packaging, this trend uses informal or abstract interpretations to convey what’s inside.

By exiting from literal depictions (a direct and accurate representation of the product), these imaginative alterations surprise and inspire us, celebrating our freedom to express creativity. The result is a collection of unique product designs with unconventional aesthetics that grab attention. This trend enables more creative and artistic depictions, adding a creative and enticing element to packaging.

Sticker book aesthetic

Using a sticker book aesthetic in packaging design appeals to create packaging appeals to our love of stickers and nostalgia for the 1990s. These designs have bright colours and cute icons or drawings grouped floatingly. The music is put together like how stickers in a book are arranged randomly, giving it a relaxed and silly feel.

Like other trends that make people feel nostalgic, stickers remind people of better, simpler times. They are a fun way to forget about the problems in the world and have a good time.

Stickers add personality and interest to packages and branding with a unique look. It makes the product look appealing, which gets people’s attention and makes them curious about what’s inside. Stickers can make people happy and laugh, making the experience unique and fun.

’70s vintage

The retro style of the 1970s vintage is making a comeback in packaging design. This nostalgic trend incorporates soothing colour palettes and flowing imagery, providing comfort and a sense of familiarity after the pandemic.

The vintage aesthetic of the 1970s embraces organic colour schemes, mainly browns and oranges. It features serif fonts with a lively appearance and thick, wavy patterns. This design trend evokes a relaxed and unique vibe, reminding us of simpler times.

After the pandemic, there is a wish for relaxation. The packaging design inspired by the 1970s reflects this desire for calmness and cool colours. It communicates to consumers that the product is approachable and familiar.

Set For The Major Design Trends Of Your Packaging In 2023?

Lastly, the latest packaging design trends directly respond to the current climate, providing comfort, nostalgia, and hope. To bring these trends to life and create a cohesive brand experience, consider partnering with LogoDesignsCompany. Our professionals specialise in logo designbanner designstationery designbrochure designweb design, and packaging & labelling.

Whether you need to refresh your brand identity or introduce a new product, our expertise can support you in improving your visual occurrence. Adopt these trends and captivate your audience with carefully crafted, impactful product packaging designs. Contact our team now to start your design voyage!


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